Posted by: malechallengemedia | October 23, 2010

The Australian Doctor – Grace Gawler on Ian Gawler’s Cancer Recovery

By Pip Cornall – Grace Gawler’s Australian Medical Journal (MJA) corrections to errors in the Ian Gawler story is now published in the Australian Doctor

Why should I write about this on male challenge? –  In a sense this is about one woman’s battle against a patriarchal system – a system that for decades suppressed the wife’s evidence of critical errors in a famous cancer miracle story– a story that desperate cancer patients try to emulate.

Because I’m also a director of the new Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated cancer Solutions and because I see first hand the damage done by unproven or dis-proven ‘miracle cancer cure claims,’ my male challenge blog is happy to support Grace in her decades long efforts to correct errors in a cancer recovery story that has become legend in Australia and even overseas.

In the public interest Grace is correcting errors in a story that she was intimately involved with. See recent articles in the Australian Medical Journal (MJA) Sept 2010, The Australian Oct 2010 and now the Australian Doctor Oct 2010

Why so important?

A cancer patient rang Grace yesterday to say she had visited an ‘integrated’ GP who recommended she go away and do long hours of meditation and adopt a vegan diet. He promoted Ian Gawler’s book and is likely one of many GPs Autralia wide who have heavily influenced by the erroneous material.

This typical story is becoming too common based on our own practice and what we hear back from oncologists and other cancer professionals. Needless to say, such patients are very upset to hear that Ian Gawler was never on a vegan diet and that the time-line of his recovery was altered giving the impression that ‘ only after conventional therapies failed’ did meditation and a vegan diet cure his cancer.

The integrated GP would have no reason to doubt Ian Gawler’s story since it had been the subject of two previous articles in the Australian Medical Journal (MJA) 1978, and 2008. Grace’s official refute of his story in the MJA 2010 is just the beginning of a long journey to publicize the true account and educate doctors and patients.

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