Posted by: malechallengemedia | November 2, 2010

Ian Gawler’s ‘Survivor’s Bemusement’ – Dangerous to Cancer Patients?

By Pip Cornall – As a new director of a cancer solutions centre I’m concerned for cancer patients led away from mainstream by high profile alternative cancer cure claims that are inaccurate. The following extract is by Grace Gawler  and the full article can be read on her blog

The fact that Ian Gawler survived his wrangle with osteogenic sarcoma (bone cancer) is highly significant, however when a cancer suvivor becomes famous for just that – surviving, there are public responsibilities inherent in the role. One of them is accuracy about the story, time-lines and incidents crucial to their survival. A high profile patient must be transparent with the details, medical history, photographic and radiographic evidence and needs to be answerable to the public and the medical community – especially if obvious flaws are brought to their attention. These “flaws” were made very obvious in an article about the patient under the banner of “True Stories” – a 2008 Australian Medical Journal (MJA) article. Medical journal articles give enormous credibility to ‘alternate cancer cure claims’ and are supposedly peer reviewed and accurate. – Read more – see photo evidence

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