Posted by: malechallengemedia | November 10, 2010

The Gawler Foundation Conference Opportunity to Discuss Flawed MJA Report

Cancer patients are amongst our most vulnerable community members. Fear driven by horror stories of chemo suffering and words for alt/med like ‘ cut, burn and poison they put faith in alternative cancer cure stories.

So when significant errors about a high profile alternative cancer cure story are found in the prestigious Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) article by Dr Ruth Gawler and Prof George Jelinek from the Gawler Foundation about the cancer healing history of Australia’s most famous cancer patient, Ian Gawler (IG) it is cause for a public enquiry.

Due to extensive media coverage over 3 decades I’d suggest a high proportion of people who get cancer are told to read IG’s book, You Can Conquer Cancer. Now his ex wife, Grace Gawler, disturbed by how much the story has changed, has shown in her 2010 MJA article that the IG healing story in the MJA 2008 by  R Gawler and G Jelinek multiple errors which imply that meditation and vegan diet cured his cancer. Her article was rigorously fact checked for a year by the MJA and her evidence is solid, not withstanding the fact she was there, 24/7 as IG’s care giver.

It’s a story the public must see corrected so it cannot influence cancer patients who try to follow it believing it to be true.

See the details at Grace Gawler’s blog



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