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Ian Gawler Admits Knowledge of Errors in 2 Australian Medical Journal Articles – 30 years apart – part 1

I apologize again for the length of the post but this information is crucial for cancer patients, who, after diagnosis are often in shock or PTSD. In this state they may be overly inclined to grasp at anything that will help them survive. High profile successful cancer recovery stories are enticing – the logic being, if they have lots of press coverage their story must be valid. Sadly, some high profile stories are not accurate.

Let’s face it,  Ian Gawler would not have made his admission concerning errors in two  Australian Medical Journal (MJA) articles about his cancer healing story were it not for the persistence of the only person alive who could do it, his ex-wife, 24/7 care giver, Grace Gawler and her rigorously fact checked 2010  (MJA) refute letter.

While Ian Gawler’s admission is a breakthrough for cancer patients, it begs the question – if Ian Gawler knew of errors in both articles over a 30 year time span, what else is questionable or unreported about his recovery story? That’s a long time to keep a myth alive and given massive media coverage over 30 years (major TV shows, papers, magazines, internet) -that’s a long time to influence lots of people in the cancer field – patients and practitioners alike.

Cancer patients beware! Would you trust your life dependent choices on a story now shown to be flawed in two MJA article – 30 years apart? Previously, many new cancer patients will be told to read Ian Gawler’s book, You Can Conquer Cancer, now an opportunity exists to examine the evidence.

In light of the new admissions by Ian Gawler, patients trusting their lives by following information in his books, CDs or media or courses, would be advised to read Grace’s information on her blogs and websites and if still in doubt read her memoirs Grace, Grit and Gratitude, or speak to her in person or see press media kit on Grace’s site.

Why Ian Gawler did not correct the MJA errors written about his high profile case is precisely what Grace Gawler has been concerned about for decades and partly why she left the Gawler Foundation in 1996. She knows this is the tip of the iceberg.

In his recent Australian Doctor response to Dr Linda Calabresi’s article, ‘Providing Hope comes with a Duty of Truth,’ Ian Gawler says – “So while back in 1978 [psychiatrist] Dr Ainslie Meares reported that I had more severe disease when I first saw him than I actually did, and these timeline errors were carried over into the 2008 follow-up, this has little material relevance to the important facts.”

This minimises several issues –
1. Knowingly allowing errors – especially in the second MJA article – 30 years on, once perhaps can be excused but not twice!
2. The timeline errors are crucial, even more so in the second MJA article, because they imply that ‘ only after conventional therapies failed, did the meditation and vegan diet assist his cure ( see MJA 2008 Gawler/Jelinek on the Gawler Foundation website)

Thousands, maybe millions (has global profile) of cancer patients, their families and practitioners have been misled by information in Australia’s most prestigious medical journal, information Ian Gawler knew to be untrue, information which ‘morphed’ over the years such that the 2008 MJA report by Ian Gawler’s wife, Dr Ruth Gawler and Prof Jelinek (associated with the Gawler Foundation), is much further from the truth.

In his blog Gawler states of his biography written by Guy Allenby – “In my opinion, The Dragon’s Blessing is accurate, so anyone interested in the proper timelines will find them there.”

Wrong again! – Grace Gawler, witnessed by myself, attended a 6.5 hour session where Grace alerted Allenby to likely errors in Ian Gawler’s healing story. She showed accurate timelines and introduced new information to him. Before the book went to print Grace wrote to Allenby insisting he give more credibility to her information. He did not take heed and thus she feels vital information in the book is inaccurate.
From her memoirs Grace,Grit and Gratitude, Grace writes “In October 2007, I was approached by Mr Guy Allenby; a journalist, who informed me he was writing a biography about Ian Gawler’s life. He asked to interview me and I agreed, travelling to Sydney, where we talked for more than six hours in a recorded session. Assured that he would represent our story equitably, I was more than happy to accommodate his questions.”

It is good Ian Gawler has admitted his knowledge of the errors because high profile cancer recovery cases influence large numbers of our community’s most frightened and desperate people—cancer patients.

As Dr Linda Calabresi’s Australian Doctor article suggests, ‘Providing Hope Comes with a Duty of Truth.’

Ian Gawler’s blog contains the link to his Australian Doctor response. Solid evidence is lacking in both posts.

The issue of vegan diet in his recovery (at least he admits he was not following a vegan diet as his website article suggest) will be addressed in future blogs as will some issues concerning lifestyle medicine brought to my attention by former cancer patients.  Pip Cornall

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