Posted by: malechallengemedia | December 5, 2010

Ian Gawler admits knowledge of errors in MJA – Gawler Foundation must act – Public Inquiry Needed

Now that Ian Gawler (IG) has admitted to knowing about errors in 2 ‘scientific’ journal reports written about his cancer remission – 30 years apart,  in the prestigious Medical Journal of Australia (MJA), the Gawler Foundation (GF) must now set the record straight.

Admittedly this must be embarrassing for IG and the GF (who may not have known the truth) but that is what happens when big deception is inacted – the truth will always come out over the passage of time. In this case it only took 3 decades to do so by the only person alive who could do it.

The true story cannot be told without the input of the ‘whisleblower, IG’s 24/7 caregiver/healer – Grace Gawler. She was there, she was lucid, and she has a history of acting with great integrity. Grace cooked for IG for 22 years. Grace gave IG 3 hrs of ‘hands-on’ ‘massage’ that she learned in the Philippines when IG had only a 2-3 week prognosis. In the IG story there was a patient and a healer/care giver but her story has largely been ignored. Time for this to end – there is no substitute for the truth.

Grace has had no meaningful response from the GF and no indication they will change how they promote the IG healing story which has been central to their work.

Nor has Grace had any response at all from the ‘supposed’ authors (Ruth Gawler and Prof Jelinek) of the 2008 MJA report that was so badly flawed.

IG and the GF have influenced thousands of cancer patients and doctors throughout Australia over 3 decades but the ‘remarkable IG healing story’ has never been told with accuracy or completeness and that is very dangerous to patients who try to follow his ‘miracle’ story.

Grace is prepared to debate this important issue in any public forum. With 115,000 new cancer patients every year in Australia, many of whom will be encouraged by well meaning friends to read IG’s materials or attend a GF course, the full and accurate details of his healing must be told.

Please encourage this debate to happen if you want cancer patients to be told the truth in this story that has become almost legendary.

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