Posted by: malechallengemedia | December 31, 2010

Dr Linda Calabresi – The Australian Doctor – on Ian Gawler cancer story doubts

Dr Linda Calabresi, Medical Editor for the Australian Doctor, a weekly online newsletter read by many Australian doctors, makes some good points about inaccuracies in the Ian Gawler cancer healing story . Her  article, although posted on Oct 27, is now available online due to the importance of the topic.Her article  – Providing hope comes with a duty of truth’ gets to the point – if you are a high profile, ‘celebrity’ cancer healing personality then you must be honest about your healing story.

Dr Calabresi says – “Take, for instance, the issue of the vegan diet. Grace Gawler claimed the patient, her husband at the time, was never on a vegan diet when battling his metastatic disease as claimed in the 2008 report. Her correction of this error was not challenged in Ruth Gawler’s reply in the MJA or in subsequent interviews with any of the parties involved, including Ian Gawler himself. It does make a difference. If he wasn’t on a vegan diet, veganism cannot have played a part.

Every cancer patient I have encountered has looked for ways of helping themselves, ways of shifting the odds to favour their recovery. Often this revolves around things they can control, such as diet. People will grab onto claims that veganism can make a difference even if it is just one, albeit celebrated, case. If it can’t possibly be connected then that should be known. Similarly with meditation — how big a role did it play?”

Now, a month later,  Ian Gawler (IG) has responded but like his wife Ruth Gawler in her MJa response, fails to provide any concrete evidence.  IG admits knowing of errors in both medical journal article written about him but considers them unimportant!

Again, since cancer patients may be harmed or even die trying to follow a highly publicised story like IG’s, this topic is too important to go away.

Grace Gawler has solid proof of all her claims and the public has a right to know the truth. Grace asks the public to get both of them on ACA to debate the issue once and for all. ACA has spent hours filming Grace and are awaiting a reply from Ian Gawler and Ruth Gawler – they have both refused to talk to ACA.

I was not there in Grace and Ian’s 22 year history, nor was Ruth Gawler but Grace is blessed with an amazing memory and has proof of all she claims. Our concern is that cancer patients and doctors know the truth.

More will come out in following posts.

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