Posted by: malechallengemedia | September 2, 2011

Grace Gawler Institute – The Smart Way to Cancer Recovery

In 2011 we have good news for cancer patients…There is an intelligent way to approach cancer recovery.

For decades, due to advances in medical science and diagnostic methods cancer deaths have been steadily falling; however in the same time we’ve observed alternative medicine cancer deaths rapidly rising. This observation is echoed by medical colleagues—oncologists and doctors we collaborate with, both in Australia and overseas. It’s a global phenomenon.

The rise of alt/med cancer deaths is connected to an irrational ideology which encourages the abandonment of medical science for a return to ‘natural methods’. This fuelled by ‘Dr Internet’ and the new breed of cancer entrepreneurs.

There is a 3rd way and more intelligent way to manage cancer – it yields the best patient outcomes. We call this collaborative cancer medicine At the Grace Gawler Institute we eliminate the ‘chance’ component in the medical system by only referring our patients to tried and proven performers—the best oncologists, GPs and specialists.

We act as case-managers—coordinating the practitioners in the team while supporting the patient with individualised but simple nutritional practices, and, most importantly, psycho-oncology support, helping patients build emotional and psychological resilience—like a “Tour de France athlete preparing for the ‘ride of their life’.

In 2011 we have very good news for cancer patients – there is an intelligent way to approach cancer recovery.

The Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions Web –      E-

PH: 61 (7) 5577 2997 Mob: – 61 (0) 409672324

PO Box 880 Paradise Point, Gold Coast, Qld, 4216 – Australia

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