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Cancer experts challenge Ian Gawler’s ‘cure’ – beware miracle cancer claims

As directors of The Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions, much of our work is guiding ‘alternative medicine casualties’  with advanced cancer, back into mainstream medicine backed by proven complementary therapies. We believe there is a moral imperative for ‘cancer entrepreneurs’ to publish truthful accounts about their ‘miracle’ cure methods to prevent 1000s of patients from following distorted information.

Grace Gawler has been particularly concerned that stories about her ex-husband, Ian Gawler’s recovery story, a story she played a major role in, have been misreported (as they were in 2 Medical Journal of Australia reports MJA 1978 and 2008) causing many of her patients to abandon conventional medicine in favour of alt/med. She has been trying to educate the public of this fact for years with little cooperation from the media.

Patients have informed us that some ‘integrative’ doctors who read the MJA reports have recommended their cancer patients eat a vegan diet and meditate long hours as Ian Gawler was purported to do.

This article in the Age illustrates her point – Pip Cornall

Writing in the Age – December 31, 2011, Chris Johnston and Julia Medew Health Editor – said

“AN EXPLOSIVE new medical report has cast doubt on whether Melbourne alternative therapies guru Dr Ian Gawler ever suffered the secondary cancer from which he has claimed for 30 years to have cured himself.”

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