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Grace Gawler Institute Fundraiser – NY Marathon

Imagine how you would feel if you, a family member or friend was being treated for cancer and you hear those dreaded words – “There is nothing more we can do”

Many cancer patients in SE Queensland have heard these words from their doctors. With gallant fighting spirit they have not wanted to give up but find there are few places to turn to. Our institute – The Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions, as the name implies, offers patients such as these, realistic hope and viable medical options.

A Paradise Point based Not-For-Profit; the founder, Grace Gawler, has almost 4 decades of cancer service. Twice in recent years Grace’s life was saved by innovative surgery overseas. For years Grace has assisted (appropriate) patients to access viable solutions overseas when and if treatments here have been exhausted because.

Gold Coast health professionals, grandmothers and young mums are among the many who have received life-saving assistance from Grace’s Institute. Many of you will have read about the plight of young Gold Coast mum, Elisha Neave. When her sister heard those dreaded words early this year, an email to the Grace Gawler Institute outlined a hopeless situation.

A referral to the Institute’s medical colleagues initiated the first stage of a possible turn around. This was followed by an approach to a German Clinic who offered ‘state of the art’ treatment not available in Australia.

Cancer is a Marathon – Not a Sprint!

Perth based ethicist, Dr Julie Crews; a long term supporter of the institute and its stand for cancer ethics, has decided to help raise awareness and funds to promote the Institute’s work.

In early November, Dr Crews is running in the New York Marathon to support those who everyday run the cancer marathon. Dr Julie, who has never run a marathon before, says, “Today I have three friends at various stages of cancer treatment and all are surviving! I dedicate my New York Marathon run to the memory of those who are no longer with us and for all the survivors.”

Funds raised will go towards the Institute’s ‘Educate–Inspire–Motivate’ cancer programs. One popular internet radio program, Navigating the Cancer Maze, is hosted weekly by Grace, via Voice America. It provides cancer patients everywhere access to experts in cancer medicine; experts they would never encounter in the course of their cancer treatment.

The show also promotes preventive strategies such as the recent interview with Professor Ian Frazer, Brisbane, who developed the vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. The show costs the Institute about $20,000 each year and is free-to-air worldwide as a public service.

Local businesses can make a concrete difference towards sponsoring Dr Crews and her New York Marathon effort by visiting see the marathon page.

We thank you for your consideration – Grace Gawler and Pip Cornall – directors of the Institute – E: – Ph: 5577 2997

©2013 Grace Gawler Institute ABN 71 146 457 874  non for profit Health Promotion Charity


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