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Early Diagnosis| a Significant Step to Winning the Cancer Challenge|Grace Gawler

On our way back from a Cancer Patients without Borders  Medi-Tour trip to Germany about a week ago; we had our usual stopover in Singapore, where it was a delight to revisit Fortis Surgical Hospital (formerly Fortis Colorectal Hospital).

Not only was I able to have my electrodes reprogrammed for my sacral neuro-modulating device; I was also able to catch up with some of the latest research and surgical techniques used at Fortis Surgical hospital, Singapore 

If you missed listening to Dr Francis Seow Choen’s interview with me on Voice America recently – Please take this opportunity to tune in or download the show for free at Voice America: Navigating the Cancer Maze.

Fortis surgical hospitalI was very impressed during my visit when briefed about the new campaign for early diagnosis as a part of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. This campaign is not only restricted to Singapore. Please get on board -The message is global! The campaign is called  Make Love the Reason. Make your pledge now…visit the site on Facebook:

Working at the other end of cancer, where disease is often massive and the patient is battle weary from prolonged treatments; early diagnosis and risk reducing factors are very attractive indeed!!

So why do so many people leave their most important asset – SELF, on the back burner?

There is a lot in life that we cannot control – but self value and self care is something we can have control over. We need to seriously look at the factors that can prevent us from seeking self care and a better life. Is it fear, embarrassment, being too busy to make time for that appointment to check out a health problem or to just have a general check up? Is it that the alternative medicine/lifestyle path looks attractive to you. You may not know what you have – no diagnosis; but whatever it is, the latest fad diet is worth trying! The latter in my recent experience is one key reason in today’s world why people delay diagnosis. By using self referred lifestyle medicine to get well; often a one size fits all approach – not personalized, the promise of  good health is assured. 

For example, a patient came to me who had noticed blood on the loo paper for about 5 years. Without seeing a doctor – she embarked upon a regimen of everything from meditation to positive thinking, diets and juice fasts. The blood stains continued – and rather than seek professional advice( a diagnosis), she ignored the symptoms and began intensifying all she was doing, believing she just had to get her body clear and clean and that nature would heal her of her undiagnosed problem. She was a young mum of two. She is now dead due to advanced colo-rectal cancer that by the time she was diagnosed; had metastasized to her liver and lungs.

Healthcare and self-care can seem all too hard in today’s world. The new generation of young health entrepreneurs are regurgitating and extrapolating the health myths that began 40 years ago! They didn’t work then – they don’t work now. They Fortis  surgical hospitalcertainly don’t work for treating cancer naturally as the patient above experienced. Unfortunately, she is one of many. If anyone told me 30 years ago I would specialize in Alt Med Rescue – I would have laughed at them!

Copious juices, enemas, veganism, raw food, supplements, no sugar, no carbs, alkalizing diets – “no food diets” , will not only empty your stomach – but also your pockets. So don’t be fooled by fad diets. Well-being is a state of mind, an attitude of self care. It is being sensible, balanced and enjoying a middle of the road approach to living. It is about taking necessary steps to improve health and longevity and… attending to.…… not ignoring symptoms!

After 40 years in my cancer work and nearly 30 years as a Naturopath/Herbalist I have seen more stress & depression created by unnecessary change in the pursuit of of health and happiness. People get so stressed trying to de-stress! So – after all my years in the Health field what have I learned? Self care is important – it is about taking time for self, family, friends – good social networks and good relationships. Do one thing just for you each day & importantly, take your time doing it. Slow down give yourself the time you deserve.

Importantly – Make time for that medical check-up you have been putting off – Make Love the Reason!!

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