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Wellness Inc. Sickness in the Cancer Wellness Industry – Part 1

I’ve been a director of a cancer charity for 4.5 years. In that time I’ve assisted 1000’s of late stage  patients whose condition was caused by delaying conventional treatments while experimenting with alternative cancer treatments. For some our assistance was too late. Others obtained remission with mainstream medicine and were amazed that it worked – such was the level of their indoctrination from Dr Google and  his band of 40 devious, dishonest or deluded cancer entrepreneurs.

ALL OF THESE PATIENTS made these choices because they were influenced by the ‘miraculous’ healing stories or promises for success from various cancer entrepreneurs.

Many patients told me they had been influenced by the following entrepreneurs…

  • Ian Gawler –  You can Conquer Cancer
  • Wellness Warrior – Jessica Ainscough
  • Belle Gibson – The Whole Pantry
  • Laura Bond – Mum’s not having Chemo
  • Janet Murray-Wakelin – Raw can Cure Cancer
  • Bill Henderson (USA) – Cure your Cancer & Cancer Free
  • Brandon Bays – The Journey

A professor of ethics, associated with our charity, wrote to 5 of the above and none were able to substantiate their claims – in fact several got quite angry when they were challenged to produce medical proof.

In each of the cases the professor concluded there was a plausible scientific explanation for their so called cure.

Meanwhile, back at our cancer charity, the end stage patients, many of whose cancers had very good cure rates, will continue to roll in. Something must be done to stem the tide.

If just 10% of the annual Australian cancer deaths (43,000) are due to experimenting with alt/med, then the figure is 4,300 each year – nearly 3 time the annual road toll. (think of the money spent to reduce the road toll) The figure could be higher – 20% would mean 8,600 deaths.

That surely dwarfs the deaths from terrorism in this country but both the road toll and terrorism get much more media coverage.

Here’s what Grace Gawler, the founder of our charity has to say about this terrible and largely preventable loss of life…

Part ONE: At the beginning of the wellness industry birthed during the 1970’s, one could not have foreseen the journey that lay ahead. Born during the freedom movement alongside the emerging hippie culture; the wellness movement had all the potentials to supersede the medical culture of the time that appeared to be struggling in one particular area – cancer treatment. At that time chemotherapy was crude as was radiation and surgery when compared to today’s medicine.

Me on my wedding day February 1976 when Ian Gawler was given 6 weeks life expectancy.

Diagnostic equipment was also basic; in particular those affected by cancer were looking for a new way forward. Others who had no apparent mainstream medical treatment options during the 1970’s, were willing to try whatever might help.   As mentioned by Richard Guilliatt in his interview with Phillip Adams; the history of Ian Gawler’s disease and highly likely misdiagnosis of secondary cancer, has been crucial to the birthing of the Wellness Movement both in the 70’s and today in 2015.

Listen now to the interview – live streaming on Radio National:

As we know, history and details often become confused as time goes by. At the end of 1975 Ian Gawler and myself were in a situation where there was no treatment on offer for him. Having had his left leg amputated a year prior in Jan 1974; what was thought to be development of a secondary cancer in November 1975; was not thoroughly investigated.  If the new bony lump in his groin was a metastasis of the original osteogenic sarcoma then according to his doctors, medical treatment was futile apart from some radiation therapy. The path and behaviour of this bony lump and other lumps that were to follow; with retrospective knowledge; were atypical of metastatic osteogenic sarcoma. The mere fact of his recovery should have demanded rigorous investigation and research when his “remission” was declared – but it did not! The story grew and morphed and has even been misreported in credible medical Journals.

The story of the man who cured himself of metastatic osteogenic sarcoma became famous worldwide – the story was largely anecdotal, complex and difficult to track over the years – this is how myth and folklore is born and how others are influenced to follow.

Here is what happened on The Gerson Diet & intensive meditation 1975-76:

After 3 months on the Gerson Therapy concurrent with intensive meditation sessions with the late Ainslie Meares; there was massive deterioration in Ian’s condition.

The Gerson Diet caused massive weight loss aided by horrendous night sweats and then immobility due to pain from nerve compression in the spinal column (caused by the rapid weight loss). Clearly, two of the mainstays diet and meditation that have been promoted as pivotal in “curing” Ian’s cancer; failed at the critical time when a solution was needed the most!  Yet somehow, the new breed of young 2015 Cancer Warriors and social media/internet entrepreneurs were under a misapprehension regarding the actual events of Ian Gawler’s recovery that took place between November 1975 and June 1978. Many have since built both lucrative businesses whilst jeopardizing their lives – based on incorrect information. The late Jess Aincough (Wellness Warrior) was quoted as saying at the Gawler Foundation’s Survivors Conference “If Ian Gawler did it – then I can do it too”. DOWNLOAD  JESS ainscough Gawler healthtalks

Gerson’s therapy appeared to have some scientific Basis – however in later years I read some of the early Gerson Material – A summary is included here: The claims for Cure being quite different that what is commonly thought of Max Gerson’s Diet and Research: pdf link included below

original MAX GERSON DIET SUMMARYSo – where are we at as cancer myth after cancer myth is dismantled and shattered. As Phillip Adams points out in his interview with the Australian newspaper’s Richard Guilliatt last Thursday night on  Radio National “Late night Live”; the Wellness industry is well overdue for a makeover. Watch for Richard Guilliatt’s article in today’s weekend Australian newspaper magazine….” Wellness Inc”.

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