Posted by: malechallengemedia | February 15, 2010

Violence in Paradise – losing the plot with our kids

Despite the notion that we inherited the ‘lucky country’ Australians today are scared! They are afraid of their children! More than 70% have stated this. I’ve recently met some young university students from Lismore who won’t go out at night because of the youth violence.

Communities around this beautiful country are reeling from the physical, financial and social costs of youth violence. Are there solutions that work?

When I worked with youth in America in the 90’s I feared the school violence evident there would spread to Auustralia

Today we learned of a fatal stabbing of a 12 year old in a Brisbane Catholic school. Late last year a lad died in a school fight in the peaceful rural town of Mullumbimby, in northern NSW.

We’ve had the cricket bat bashing murder on the beach  in Western Australia, the Cronulla Race Riots and glassing becoming all too comonplace.

The community wants solutions but what are they we all ask?

We need to look to countries that have succesfully tackled the problem and not re-invent the wheel and we need to do it fast.


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