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Trumping Misogyny

Perhaps there is one positive to come out of the Donald Trump debacle.

Trumps abhorrent behaviour shines a spotlight on the magnitude of misogyny – hatred of women.

And the would-be First Lady, Ivanka Trump’s defence of his behaviour, indicates the extent to which women have been socialised to accept misogyny.

It is a conversation that needs to be had and repeated and had again until real progress is made

Clueless Trump divorces his behaviour from the wider issues impacting women and girls – issues such as rape, domestic violence, trafficking of women, pay inequity, porn, poverty and more.

Trump’s defensive responses to his obscene sexist rants reveal the extent of his delusion. He actually thinks that he loves women – albeit beautiful women.

But the big teaching from this spectacle is that Trump is not alone. His behaviour is widespread amongst men and as we see from the women who cling on to the rich and powerful, condoned by some women.

Equally shocking are the dialogues on radio and TV where men say they have not been exposed to other males who talked or acted in this manner.

What rubbish – what wholesale denial. I don’t know what universe these men live in but in my 70 years as an Australian I have accrued many examples of poison men trash talking about women.

I first heard the degrading conversations amongst my peers in the schoolyards of country Victoria in the 60s – it shocked me deeply. Later I heard similar conversations in the surf club I loved and at university – it created conflict in me. I have heard similar portrayals of women in many of the male groups I associated with in both Australia and America.

One day in the 80s, while working as a ski instructor at Perisher Valley, NSW, I encountered a young woman sitting in the snow crying. She had been thrown out of the ski lodge by a charismatic man I knew who had said if you don’t ‘f..  then ‘f’… off. Night was falling and she had nowhere to go.

Turns out he had promised her accommodation on the mountain and assumed he would be sexually rewarded.

On another occasion I spoke with a ski instructor colleague who stated he had had a bad day how he would find some young snow bunny and ‘f’ the hell out of her to get rid of his anger.

In the 90s, while working as a white water river guide in Oregon, late I found myself in the middle of a 12 man bucks party. The evening became ugly. It impacted me so deeply that I wrote about it.

The story, Sexism on the River, was picked up by some men’s magazines and a number of feminist groups. As a result of the Trump dialogues I have decided to revive the story.

But there is more. My wife, Grace Gawler, a physically beautiful woman who has spent almost 41 years working and caring for cancer patients, has endured a lifetime of sexist abuse from men in many countries she has worked in. Some years ago, after giving a rousing speech about breast cancer in Eumundi, Queensland, Grace was sexually heckled as she walked past the Eumundi Pub.

That this grandmother of five and tireless cancer worker should be subjected to such filth is beyond the tenants of a sane world and a just democracy. I wanted to sweep these filth mongers into a large crevice and leave them there – such was my anger and helplessness in a situation

As a lifetime outdoor adventurer, I have spent very little time in pubs and sporting clubs, however every time I do I am confronted with the same misogynistic rants – their derision is palpable.

In 2003, I worked with one of Australia’s top Olympic lead teams. The team performance had been reduced by the prevalence of sexist attitudes and actions by male members of the group. The group shall remain anonymous for confidentiality reasons but many are known to most Australians.

Even as I was being briefed for the job, at the Australian sports commission in Canberra, I detected the ‘vibe’ the nudge-nudge, wink-wink, old boys club vibe’ about the very topic we were discussing.

I applaud Adam Goode’s stance against racism in his sport. I would like to see the same energy applied to misogyny and sexism. Undoubtedly prominent sportsmen have a role to play in this awareness raising campaign.

My story, sexism on the river and another story (whose link I provide below) about three female river guides working for the American National Parks on the Grand Canyon, are indicative of the barriers faced when decent people try to tackle misogyny and sexism.

In my case I was alone in the wilderness with 13 other men, most were younger and bigger than I was and some carried hunting knives – I would not have been surprised if there was a hand gun or two.

The three female National Parks river guides on the Grand Canyon were confronted by the old boys club which fought hard to maintain the status quo – the ancient code that gave man ultimate power over women and children.

In Australia, we’ve seen misogyny and sexism rife in just about every corner of our society – the defence forces, sport and Olympic sports, the ambulance service, amongst doctors and surgeons in the medical profession, and as so accurately described by Peta Credlin, in government.

It took a lot of guts for me to make a stand against 13 men in the Oregon wilderness. I’m no hero I was shaking and upset and did not sleep that night. But I did make a stand.

I ask decent men everywhere to join together to stamp out what is one of the world’s great barriers to human equality and functional democracy.

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Wellness Inc. Sickness in the Cancer Wellness Industry – Part 2

End stage cancer patients presenting at our Institute delayed conventional treaments having been influenced by these entrepreneurs…

  • Ian Gawler –  You can Conquer Cancer
  • Wellness Warrior – Jessica Ainscough
  • Belle Gibson – The Whole Pantry
  • Laura Bond – Mum’s not having Chemo
  • Janet Murray-Wakelin – Raw can Cure Cancer
  • Bill Henderson (USA) – Cure your Cancer & Cancer Free
  • Brandon Bays – The Journey

A professor of ethics, associated with our charity, wrote to 5 of the above and none were able to substantiate their claims – in fact several became angry when challenged to produce medical proof.

The Entrepreneurs Sphere of Influence was large by any standards…

  • Ian Gawler –  You can Conquer Cancer (300,000 copies sold) – influenced millions
  • Wellness Warrior – Jessica Ainscough (200,000 followers)
  • Belle Gibson – The Whole Pantry (sold 300,00 ‘apps’)
  • Laura Bond – Mum’s not having Chemo (huge following – does health tours – published book Mums Not Having Chemo and ‘advises patients’)
  • Janet Murray-Wakelin – Raw can Cure Cancer – gives lectures and book tours globally (thousands)
  • Bill Henderson (USA) – Cure your Cancer & Cancer Free – influenced millions
  • Brandon Bays – The Journey – workshops, books, product – influenced millions

Part TWO | Sickness in the Wellness Industry | Wellness Inc a time for Truth-Telling and Common Sense | Grace Gawler

  Part Two: In this Easter edition of The Australian Weekend  Magazine, (available online by subscription or in the Magazine) Richard Guilliatt in his article Wellness Inc. takes us on a journey of reality into the current day wellness industry. You can also try the following link to read this story.

Investigative journalist Richard Guilliatt writes for the Australian Weekend Magazine - Wellness Inc

The Wellness Industry is laced with promises and certainty; New Age philosophies and platitudes. Which sounds lovely, but it is not a replacement for conventional medicine. Many young cancer entrepreneurs are following the premise popularized in the last decades–that the mind can change everything. Try focusing on a mole on your body for a day , week month or year and see what influence the mind can have? Let me know if it goes away because you asked it to!  You can change anything with your mind is a dangerous premise that has winded its way in the wellness movement. I have had patients who have believed implicitly in the power of the Course in Miracles and studied it intensely as the only treatment for breast cancer. Unfortunately like most patients who neglect medical treatment, they died due to painful, fungating tumours.

Then, there are young women who have had cancer and who claim to have had cancer.  One such newsworthy young woman Belle Gibson; who claimed to have had many cancers, when exposed now says she was misdiagnosed. In a strange way Belle has helped to lift the lid on the wellness industry that she desperately wanted to be a part of and is responsible for breaking the bubble of deception that cloaks the wellness movement.  All is not as it seems. The Wellness Industry is ill and for our physical and psychological wellbeing – we need to take a long hard look at the remedies.

If you had told me 30-40 years ago I would be spending most of my working life shepherding cancer patients back into mainstream medicine; I would have thought it a ludicrous idea. But – this is what I do. The movement that I was a part of from the 1970’s forward was inclusive of conventional medicine. It was about improving lifestyle, good nutrition, stress reduction and how to develop strategies that work  whilst you had mainstream medical treatments. The work then was a value add to to the best conventional medicine available.

Over the years the concept changed; influenced by idealism – not fact. Cancer patients were becoming vegan, raw vegan and juicing and green smoothies became fashionable, positive thinking, meditation, colonics and enemas were all geared at effecting the perfect remission from cancer as well as promises of “awesome wellness”.  Just when you think you have heard it all – “people are going bananas – literally!

Yes – you read correctly, people have started eating just one fruit, the return of the mono diet eg Freelee the Banana Girl and then the banana runner who claims her diet and lifestyle influenced her cancer : Her book “Raw Can Cure Cancer” is a claim that must be substantiated along with her reported cancer-related medical history. If you feel tempted to try any of the whacky fad internet/book diets – Please take a look at the following site first – testimonials from folk who tried the whacky diets with dire consequences:

Back to Richard Guilliatt’s article where he talks of young “life” coaches, meditation teachers and health and wellness bloggers within the Wellness mix. A harmless business? Far from it.

Keep your Fraud-o-meter active and Alert!

There are many more out there that would fit the bill for inclusion into Guilliatt’s news piece and no doubt there will be more revelations to come. Far from harmless; these sweet faced ill informed young women I’m sure, or at least I hope, have no idea of the influence and impact they are having on the lives of cancer patients. Their blogs tell similar stories; their cancer cure lifestyle changes sound so easy, so right and so non toxic; after all how can vitamins, attitudinal healing or a green smoothie harm anyone?

We live in times when anyone can make themselves famous without having earned their stripes, studied or even had a life long enough to be qualified to advise people what they should do with their lives.

If you are following or encouraging someone else to follow their unqualified information and lifestyle advice you will likely exacerbate illness. Their influence may even contribute to your death or the death of a loved one. If this occurs – will the blogger or author take responsibility for their poor advice? If this were your wife or husband or child or sibling – how would you feel? Cancer is complex. Conventional medicine doesn’t have all the answers either – but early diagnosis and early treatment by conventional medicine clearly leads to life extension across many cancers. This I know having seen tens of thousands of cancer patients in my 40 year career who recovered from cancer following the middle-path approach. Holistic medicine in order to be ‘whole’ must be inclusive of Conventional Medicine.

We Pied-Piper-of-Hamelinare now seeing hundreds of Wellness “Cancer-cure” bloggers who can appear to have knowledge merely because they have had or still have cancer. Walking experiments themselves, they advise with surety gathering followers along the path like in the fairytale – The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Richard Guilliatt poses the question – What do these people have in common – they are young, new age, savvy with the internet and social media and they are a  part of dangerous sisterhood peddling unqualified natural living and “cure cancer” philosophies to the online masses.

The message is clear for anyone dealing with cancer – Buyer beware! Be careful from whom you are taking advice. Where cancer is concerned – never compromise on qualified advice.

A more senior element quoted by Gulliatt, an elder of TV fame who has influenced many cancer patients to take the road to healing Cancer with the now illegal Black Salve – Tony Barry is one of those all Australian ‘larger than life’ fellows that has appeared on our TV screens for decades. He promotes the use of black salve and although he continues to have melanomas that he treats with Black salve, he is still singing the praises of it’s success as a cancer cure. The fact that he has had a leg amputated due the advancement of his disease seems to pass by as it was written in to the last TV series  screened on ABC TV: The Time of Our Lives. As the character Ray – a car on a wheel jack drops on his leg – and as a part of the show – his leg is damaged and he undergoes an amputation.

As Richard Guilliatt reports, the real story is that a fungating tumour (melanoma) the size of a mandarin, burst through the skin on his leg. Surgeon’s accordingly amputated the leg. At that time in 2013, for 6 years the actor had refused surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Is the melanoma being held at bay by applying Black Salve which apparently he still uses? I don’t know what Tony Barry’s brand of melanoma is – but all cancers are different and by nature – some grow slowly.  Superficial spreading melanoma; the most common type can be slow growing.

Superficial spreading melanoma is a form of melanoma in which the malignant cells tend to stay within the tissue of origin, the epidermis, in an ‘in-situ’ phase for a prolonged period (months to decades). At first, superficial spreading melanoma grows horizontally on the skin surface – this is known as the radial growth phase. The lesion presents as a slowly-enlarging flat area of discoloured skin.

An unknown proportion of superficial spreading melanoma become invasive, i.e. the melanoma cells cross the basement membrane of the epidermis and malignant cells enter the dermis. A rapidly-growing nodular melanoma can arise within superficial spreading melanoma and start to proliferate more deeply within the skin.   SOURCE:

bullshitLike Jess Ainscough (Wellness Warrior) whose slow growing epitheloid sarcoma progressed at the expected rate – so too melanoma’s follow a similar pattern. I have been to too many “Black Salve” funerals – including naturopathic practitioners, naturopathic teachers and integrative doctors who succumbed to its undelivered promises.

I have always liked Tony Barry as an actor. People with such a public persona have a big influence on society. His position as narrator in the DVD One answer to Cancer has influenced perhaps millions of people to use Black salve on cancers. Some may be benign whilst others have the potential to spread into the lower layers of skin and through the lymphatics. In the public interest questions must be asked about the efficacy of this treatment (developed would you believe out out an early Medical technique – Moh’s chemosurgery!!)

It was disappointing and to me rather obnoxious; that when questioned about Black salve Tony Barry’s response was that his survival shows that the “cancer industry” doesn’t have all the answers. “People need to take control of their lives” he says “Because if you put it in the hands of these buggers  ( meaning the medical profession); their model isn’t based on wellness – it’s based on sickness.”

With regard to Tony Barry, Jess Ainscough and others – If people wish to experiment on themselves – well it is their right even if misinformed. But when they peddle their “cures’ to the masses while still a  walking experiment themselves –  that I have a problem.

When the surgeon who amputated Tony Barry’s leg below the knee read the Weekend Australian Magazine, he must have sat down shaking his head in disgust! Another doctor whom I know who featured in the DVD One Answer to Cancer lost his life to a brain tumour refusing conventional treatment with a belief that natural medicine would cure him. One answer to cancer doesn’t seem to have the answers to cancer.


Read about the real origins of Black Salve  here on this blog site:

Weekend Australian:


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Wellness Inc. Sickness in the Cancer Wellness Industry – Part 1

I’ve been a director of a cancer charity for 4.5 years. In that time I’ve assisted 1000’s of late stage  patients whose condition was caused by delaying conventional treatments while experimenting with alternative cancer treatments. For some our assistance was too late. Others obtained remission with mainstream medicine and were amazed that it worked – such was the level of their indoctrination from Dr Google and  his band of 40 devious, dishonest or deluded cancer entrepreneurs.

ALL OF THESE PATIENTS made these choices because they were influenced by the ‘miraculous’ healing stories or promises for success from various cancer entrepreneurs.

Many patients told me they had been influenced by the following entrepreneurs…

  • Ian Gawler –  You can Conquer Cancer
  • Wellness Warrior – Jessica Ainscough
  • Belle Gibson – The Whole Pantry
  • Laura Bond – Mum’s not having Chemo
  • Janet Murray-Wakelin – Raw can Cure Cancer
  • Bill Henderson (USA) – Cure your Cancer & Cancer Free
  • Brandon Bays – The Journey

A professor of ethics, associated with our charity, wrote to 5 of the above and none were able to substantiate their claims – in fact several got quite angry when they were challenged to produce medical proof.

In each of the cases the professor concluded there was a plausible scientific explanation for their so called cure.

Meanwhile, back at our cancer charity, the end stage patients, many of whose cancers had very good cure rates, will continue to roll in. Something must be done to stem the tide.

If just 10% of the annual Australian cancer deaths (43,000) are due to experimenting with alt/med, then the figure is 4,300 each year – nearly 3 time the annual road toll. (think of the money spent to reduce the road toll) The figure could be higher – 20% would mean 8,600 deaths.

That surely dwarfs the deaths from terrorism in this country but both the road toll and terrorism get much more media coverage.

Here’s what Grace Gawler, the founder of our charity has to say about this terrible and largely preventable loss of life…

Part ONE: At the beginning of the wellness industry birthed during the 1970’s, one could not have foreseen the journey that lay ahead. Born during the freedom movement alongside the emerging hippie culture; the wellness movement had all the potentials to supersede the medical culture of the time that appeared to be struggling in one particular area – cancer treatment. At that time chemotherapy was crude as was radiation and surgery when compared to today’s medicine.

Me on my wedding day February 1976 when Ian Gawler was given 6 weeks life expectancy.

Diagnostic equipment was also basic; in particular those affected by cancer were looking for a new way forward. Others who had no apparent mainstream medical treatment options during the 1970’s, were willing to try whatever might help.   As mentioned by Richard Guilliatt in his interview with Phillip Adams; the history of Ian Gawler’s disease and highly likely misdiagnosis of secondary cancer, has been crucial to the birthing of the Wellness Movement both in the 70’s and today in 2015.

Listen now to the interview – live streaming on Radio National:

As we know, history and details often become confused as time goes by. At the end of 1975 Ian Gawler and myself were in a situation where there was no treatment on offer for him. Having had his left leg amputated a year prior in Jan 1974; what was thought to be development of a secondary cancer in November 1975; was not thoroughly investigated.  If the new bony lump in his groin was a metastasis of the original osteogenic sarcoma then according to his doctors, medical treatment was futile apart from some radiation therapy. The path and behaviour of this bony lump and other lumps that were to follow; with retrospective knowledge; were atypical of metastatic osteogenic sarcoma. The mere fact of his recovery should have demanded rigorous investigation and research when his “remission” was declared – but it did not! The story grew and morphed and has even been misreported in credible medical Journals.

The story of the man who cured himself of metastatic osteogenic sarcoma became famous worldwide – the story was largely anecdotal, complex and difficult to track over the years – this is how myth and folklore is born and how others are influenced to follow.

Here is what happened on The Gerson Diet & intensive meditation 1975-76:

After 3 months on the Gerson Therapy concurrent with intensive meditation sessions with the late Ainslie Meares; there was massive deterioration in Ian’s condition.

The Gerson Diet caused massive weight loss aided by horrendous night sweats and then immobility due to pain from nerve compression in the spinal column (caused by the rapid weight loss). Clearly, two of the mainstays diet and meditation that have been promoted as pivotal in “curing” Ian’s cancer; failed at the critical time when a solution was needed the most!  Yet somehow, the new breed of young 2015 Cancer Warriors and social media/internet entrepreneurs were under a misapprehension regarding the actual events of Ian Gawler’s recovery that took place between November 1975 and June 1978. Many have since built both lucrative businesses whilst jeopardizing their lives – based on incorrect information. The late Jess Aincough (Wellness Warrior) was quoted as saying at the Gawler Foundation’s Survivors Conference “If Ian Gawler did it – then I can do it too”. DOWNLOAD  JESS ainscough Gawler healthtalks

Gerson’s therapy appeared to have some scientific Basis – however in later years I read some of the early Gerson Material – A summary is included here: The claims for Cure being quite different that what is commonly thought of Max Gerson’s Diet and Research: pdf link included below

original MAX GERSON DIET SUMMARYSo – where are we at as cancer myth after cancer myth is dismantled and shattered. As Phillip Adams points out in his interview with the Australian newspaper’s Richard Guilliatt last Thursday night on  Radio National “Late night Live”; the Wellness industry is well overdue for a makeover. Watch for Richard Guilliatt’s article in today’s weekend Australian newspaper magazine….” Wellness Inc”.

If you want to be inspired by a well written, poignant survival story about recovery from Leukemia…
Then this is the book to buy!

In fact…….. if you only buy 1 book this year – then this is the one!  David Tuccaro Jr’s story is powerful and well told. ‘Bad to the Bone-’ The True Story of David Tuccaro Jr is a book about his David Tuccaro Jnr Bad to the Bonerecovery from ALL – a childhood leukemia is aptly named; leukemia being an illness that begins in bone marrow. As an adult with a leukemia that is predominantly seen in children; at 25 years of age, David’s prognosis was very poor.

On today’s Navigating the Cancer Maze, I had the pleasure of interviewing David about his memoirs and about Award-winning Author, Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope, Marala Scott, who transcribed his story of Leukemia diagnosis through to his remission. This episode is full of inspiring tips and tools for anyone who is navigating their own cancer maze. You can also download the show or listen on audio streaming at:

At just 25 years old, approximately seven years ago,  David Tuccaro Jr, a Mikisew Cree First Nation man from Fort McMurray Canada, was diagnosed with leukemia. He was facing a death sentence. His story is poignant, raw in its honesty and an inspiration to those who are navigating the leukemia maze.

Navigating the Cancer Maze serves as a reliable source of information for cancer patients and families. Every guest on the show has a well researched and authentic story to offer to the community. Such is David Tuccaro Jr’s story; a tumultuous journey of self-discovery through pain, hopelessness and the feeling of inadequacy to inspire others to overcome adversity.

After finding his purpose, he is living out his passion of teaching others to save lives by registering to become a bone marrow donor.
David says:“When I was going through what I’d gone through with the leukemia, I had my doctors telling me one thing, what to expect, and my family and friends telling me what to expect, but I didn’t have a survivor telling me what to expect; that’s what the book is really about, to answer some of these questions. There needs to be somebody that has gone through this to give you the hope that you really need to get through it.”

David Tuccaro Jr is a powerful advocate bringing awareness to the life-saving impact that a bone marrow donor unselfishly provides. David is alive after years of hospital procedures thanks to his spirit, medical science, support and the altruism of one man who donated his bone marrow. Four years after the lifesaving transplant David met his bone marrow donor, Christian Holtmann from Germany. He says: “I’ll never forget the first meeting I had with Christian; it was the greatest moment of my life.” David Tuccaro Jr hopes his and Christian’s story will inspire others to donate bone marrow. “That is what saved my life”, David said.

To buy the Book or you are interested in becoming a Bone Marrow Donor – please visit:

The book is available in Hard Cover or eBook – Kindle Kobo etc. BUY ON AMAZON


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Marala Scott is an Award-winning Author and Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope, (In Our House: Perception vs. Reality and Surrounded By Inspiration). Marala Scott takes you inside the horrific battle of a young man with Leukemia and shares the unique perspective of his bone marrow donor. The Story of David Tuccaro Jr. will give you strength and inspiration never before felt! For more information on Marala Scott visit

“What he describes is that journey we are all seeking; it is that transformation to a better life.”
–Dr. Gary Ruelas D.O., Ph.D.

“This should be a television show done by a conscientious film maker— This story is nothing less than an epic.”
–Peter C. Newman, Legendary Journalist and Author

Voice America Grace Gawler


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Dr Julie Crews| Why We Need to Search for the Truth in Cancer Cure Stories on Navigating the Cancer Maze Radio


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This year marks my 40 years working with cancer patients.The search for truth in healing stories is imperative for patients whose lives really depend upon it. Diagnosis cancer! It may be you or your husband or wife or father or mother. It may be your children or friends. People who are near and dear to you.  When it comes to a diagnosis of cancer, the stakes are particularly high. So – the question is straightforward really – Do we want to be told lies or truth?

If asked about buying a product in a store – do we accept being lied to about its efficacy? No – most of us would be angry, depending on the cost of the product we might feel so cheated , we make a complaint to the Australian Consumer watchdog, the ACCC  for making claims that are untrue….that is the product did not live up to its claims as advertised and the expectations of the purchaser.

Well the equivalent is happening right under our noses with  society’s most highly vulnerable group of people – cancer patients!

Dr Julie Crews PhD

Dr Julie Crews PhD- Searching for truth in cancer healing stories.

As the groundswell of would-be cancer entrepreneurs & patient experts claiming “I cured myself Naturally from Cancer“  gains the momentum of  a tsunami, one Western Australian woman, DR JULIE CREWS, a doctor of Business Ethics, is questioning why so many people have jumped on the ‘cure-all bandwagon’ to earn their living and why it has been allowed to go unchecked and under the radar for so long.

On today’s Voice America Radio show “Navigating the Cancer Maze, Dr Julie Crews takes an investigative look through the magnifying glass to examine new trends in cancer entrepreneurship where patients who are either still in recovery themselves or who claim they have beaten the odds without medical evidence, are influencing the treatment choices of millions of other cancer patients around the globe. Another group of patients influencing choices are those who have had adequate medical treatment for their cancer, but then champion their ‘cure’ to the use of dietary regimens, alternative medicine, meditation and other healing forms.

Authentic hope is a powerful ally, but false hope as a recent article published in the West Australian suggests, provides More Hype than Hope by CATHY O’LEARY, MEDICAL EDITOR  February 22, 2014 Dr Crews contributed to that media piece. Select the following link to read article.

THE FOLLOWING IS SUMMARY OF DR CREWS TIPS as hear on Voice America’s Navigating the Cancer Maze today.

What Questions should the Cancer consumer be asking and why? What action can you take.

1. The first question is for consumers to carefully look at what the person is saying and promoting – look at the language the person is using and the claims they are making – a big one is they put down their cancer as a lesson….the fact is cancer does not discriminate. It affects good people who live healthy lives – It can affect anyone.

2. What is the background of the person(s) offering the cure-all?? Qualifications? Institutions?

3. If a person is claiming to have cured their cancer naturally, ask to see their medical records from diagnosis to recovery – remission. Ask to see medical verification. After all “Exceptional Claims require exceptional evidence” said Carl Sagan. Anecdotes and stories should not too be mistaken for truth.

4. If I follow this person’s advice – will they have any responsibility regrading my outcome? As happens in the medical profession or other qualified professional health fields- Will their insurance cover me in case of failure? (Not likely)!

3. If they are promoting products which cost money, are they receiving a ‘kickback’ or indeed do they have shares in the company?

4. What do they do when people ask questions and it challenges things they may promote? The more they have invested in the promotion the more they have to lose and will fight very hard to discredit anyone who may disagree with them.

5. Check out what they do if someone posts something that doesn’t maintain the image they are promoting!

6. Email them and ask questions and see what responses you get.

7. If they do speak of ‘medical’ doctors, they may use terms like ‘intuitive practitioner’ ‘integrative practitioner’ – the thing is, you only get THEIR version of their disease – it could be wrong…… and often is.
More soon on this important topic…..

Please listen in to this interview or download for later at Voice America:

Other Blogs of interest in the news about this topic: In particular a young woman who calls herself the wellness warrior. The following is some intelligent debate on this topic. Jessica Ainscough went public about her quest to cure her cancer. See the Australian: Title “Holding out for a Miracle ” Richard Gulliatt.


Ethicist Dr Julie Crews takes an investigative look through the magnifying glass to examine new trends in cancer entrepreneurship where patients who are either still in recovery themselves or who claim they have beaten the odds without medical evidence, are influencing the treatment choices of millions of other cancer patients around the globe.

Another group of patients influencing choices are those who have had adequate medical treatment for their cancer, but then champion their ‘cure’ to the use of dietary regimens, alternative medicine, meditation and other healing forms.

Authentic hope is a powerful ally, but false hope as a recent article published in the West Australian suggests, provides More Hype than Hope.

Dr Crews contributed to that media piece. If asked about buying a product in a store – do we accept being lied to about its efficacy? In cancer the stakes are high-do we want lies or truth?

The search for truth in healing stories is imperative for patients whose lives really depend upon it.

Click to Listen to Grace Gawler interviewing Dr Julie Crews

Learn more at

On our way back from a Cancer Patients without Borders  Medi-Tour trip to Germany about a week ago; we had our usual stopover in Singapore, where it was a delight to revisit Fortis Surgical Hospital (formerly Fortis Colorectal Hospital).

Not only was I able to have my electrodes reprogrammed for my sacral neuro-modulating device; I was also able to catch up with some of the latest research and surgical techniques used at Fortis Surgical hospital, Singapore 

If you missed listening to Dr Francis Seow Choen’s interview with me on Voice America recently – Please take this opportunity to tune in or download the show for free at Voice America: Navigating the Cancer Maze.

Fortis surgical hospitalI was very impressed during my visit when briefed about the new campaign for early diagnosis as a part of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. This campaign is not only restricted to Singapore. Please get on board -The message is global! The campaign is called  Make Love the Reason. Make your pledge now…visit the site on Facebook:

Working at the other end of cancer, where disease is often massive and the patient is battle weary from prolonged treatments; early diagnosis and risk reducing factors are very attractive indeed!!

So why do so many people leave their most important asset – SELF, on the back burner?

There is a lot in life that we cannot control – but self value and self care is something we can have control over. We need to seriously look at the factors that can prevent us from seeking self care and a better life. Is it fear, embarrassment, being too busy to make time for that appointment to check out a health problem or to just have a general check up? Is it that the alternative medicine/lifestyle path looks attractive to you. You may not know what you have – no diagnosis; but whatever it is, the latest fad diet is worth trying! The latter in my recent experience is one key reason in today’s world why people delay diagnosis. By using self referred lifestyle medicine to get well; often a one size fits all approach – not personalized, the promise of  good health is assured. 

For example, a patient came to me who had noticed blood on the loo paper for about 5 years. Without seeing a doctor – she embarked upon a regimen of everything from meditation to positive thinking, diets and juice fasts. The blood stains continued – and rather than seek professional advice( a diagnosis), she ignored the symptoms and began intensifying all she was doing, believing she just had to get her body clear and clean and that nature would heal her of her undiagnosed problem. She was a young mum of two. She is now dead due to advanced colo-rectal cancer that by the time she was diagnosed; had metastasized to her liver and lungs.

Healthcare and self-care can seem all too hard in today’s world. The new generation of young health entrepreneurs are regurgitating and extrapolating the health myths that began 40 years ago! They didn’t work then – they don’t work now. They Fortis  surgical hospitalcertainly don’t work for treating cancer naturally as the patient above experienced. Unfortunately, she is one of many. If anyone told me 30 years ago I would specialize in Alt Med Rescue – I would have laughed at them!

Copious juices, enemas, veganism, raw food, supplements, no sugar, no carbs, alkalizing diets – “no food diets” , will not only empty your stomach – but also your pockets. So don’t be fooled by fad diets. Well-being is a state of mind, an attitude of self care. It is being sensible, balanced and enjoying a middle of the road approach to living. It is about taking necessary steps to improve health and longevity and… attending to.…… not ignoring symptoms!

After 40 years in my cancer work and nearly 30 years as a Naturopath/Herbalist I have seen more stress & depression created by unnecessary change in the pursuit of of health and happiness. People get so stressed trying to de-stress! So – after all my years in the Health field what have I learned? Self care is important – it is about taking time for self, family, friends – good social networks and good relationships. Do one thing just for you each day & importantly, take your time doing it. Slow down give yourself the time you deserve.

Importantly – Make time for that medical check-up you have been putting off – Make Love the Reason!!

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Mum’s Not Having Chemo – Natural Does Not Mean Safe

Between the bias and hype found at both extremes of cancer medicine is the land of balanced views and common-sense

I began this blog because I don’t believe Laura Bond should be writing about cancer treatments when she has no medical or practical cancer treatment training. Look what happened to Wellness Warrior’s mother!

Click Here for full article Natural Does Not Mean Safe

Here’s to integrity in cancer and more common-sense

Pip Cornall

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Grace Gawler Institute Fundraiser – NY Marathon

Imagine how you would feel if you, a family member or friend was being treated for cancer and you hear those dreaded words – “There is nothing more we can do”

Many cancer patients in SE Queensland have heard these words from their doctors. With gallant fighting spirit they have not wanted to give up but find there are few places to turn to. Our institute – The Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions, as the name implies, offers patients such as these, realistic hope and viable medical options.

A Paradise Point based Not-For-Profit; the founder, Grace Gawler, has almost 4 decades of cancer service. Twice in recent years Grace’s life was saved by innovative surgery overseas. For years Grace has assisted (appropriate) patients to access viable solutions overseas when and if treatments here have been exhausted because.

Gold Coast health professionals, grandmothers and young mums are among the many who have received life-saving assistance from Grace’s Institute. Many of you will have read about the plight of young Gold Coast mum, Elisha Neave. When her sister heard those dreaded words early this year, an email to the Grace Gawler Institute outlined a hopeless situation.

A referral to the Institute’s medical colleagues initiated the first stage of a possible turn around. This was followed by an approach to a German Clinic who offered ‘state of the art’ treatment not available in Australia.

Cancer is a Marathon – Not a Sprint!

Perth based ethicist, Dr Julie Crews; a long term supporter of the institute and its stand for cancer ethics, has decided to help raise awareness and funds to promote the Institute’s work.

In early November, Dr Crews is running in the New York Marathon to support those who everyday run the cancer marathon. Dr Julie, who has never run a marathon before, says, “Today I have three friends at various stages of cancer treatment and all are surviving! I dedicate my New York Marathon run to the memory of those who are no longer with us and for all the survivors.”

Funds raised will go towards the Institute’s ‘Educate–Inspire–Motivate’ cancer programs. One popular internet radio program, Navigating the Cancer Maze, is hosted weekly by Grace, via Voice America. It provides cancer patients everywhere access to experts in cancer medicine; experts they would never encounter in the course of their cancer treatment.

The show also promotes preventive strategies such as the recent interview with Professor Ian Frazer, Brisbane, who developed the vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. The show costs the Institute about $20,000 each year and is free-to-air worldwide as a public service.

Local businesses can make a concrete difference towards sponsoring Dr Crews and her New York Marathon effort by visiting see the marathon page.

We thank you for your consideration – Grace Gawler and Pip Cornall – directors of the Institute – E: – Ph: 5577 2997

©2013 Grace Gawler Institute ABN 71 146 457 874  non for profit Health Promotion Charity

By Pip Cornall – Director – The Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions

Doctor denounces Gawler program’s ‘harsh’ healing: Cancer ‘healer’ Gawler’s foundation in crisis: Coffee enemas don’t cure cancer: reviewing the remarkable claims of Ian Gawler: Gawler did not have cancer: GP First wife disputes cancer guru Ian Gawler’s survival story:TB or not TB: Gawler

These are just a few of the headlines that have opened the Pandora’s Box on Ian Gawler’s recovery story in a similar fashion to the unfolding of Lance Armstrong’s long-term cheating efforts.

The world watched Oprah as a stony faced Armstrong confessed after nearly two decades of vigorous denial. Despite numerous attempts by his peers to expose the cheating, Armstrong had the protection provided by celebrity and national hero status and the moral high ground given by his cancer charity work. Those who told the truth were vilified; livelihoods were ruined.

The events leading to his confession were driven by a most inconvenient woman, Betsy Andreu. She and her husband had once been close friends with Armstrong. Betsy was, just as stubborn and headstrong as Armstrong; no less relentless in the pursuit of her goal. The difference was that only one of them was telling the truth. Please bookmark this thought. At a time when a fawning media competed to compose praises to Armstrong, she struck a discordant note.

Similarly, for decades, Ian Gawler was fawned over by the Australian media as the miracle man who conquered cancer single handed but the media was unaware that the 1978 Meares Medical Journal abstract that launched Gawler into the media spotlight, contained serious errors of fact of which he was well aware.1

More discrepancies evolved after Gawler separated from his first wife Grace in 1997. It was then that Gawler’s cancer recovery story began to change, becoming congruent with the new ideology promoted and sold by his foundation; that it was alternative medicine, positive thinking and meditation that cured his cancer.

Continuing this trend, in 2008, a report about Gawler’s recovery appeared in the Medical Journal of Australia under the title of “True Stories” 2 (MJA). It was an ‘in-house’ article, co-written by Gawler’s wife, Dr Ruth Gawler along with friend and colleague, Prof George Jelinek, who also ran courses at the Gawler’s Foundation. Remarkably the article was reviewed by Prof Jelinek’s wife, Dr Sandra Neate, but these relationships were not disclosed as per MJA protocols.

Notified by a former patient of inaccuracies in the ‘True Stories MJA report; Grace set to work. After a year of fact checking by then editor Dr Martin Van der Weyden, the MJA published her rebuttal letter3. (September 2010) Gawler later admitted knowledge of some errors but continued promoting the now shown-to-be-flawed article on the Gawler Foundation website.

Grace Gawler, the only living person with first-hand knowledge of what really happened, sharing as she did in his cancer journey, was insistent Gawler had a responsibility to tell the truth to the cancer public. She was concerned that cancer patients and their doctors might base treatment choices on the 2008 MJA report which contained multiple errors of fact and alterations to crucial timelines. It implied a vegan diet and meditation cured his cancer and worse still, it implied that Gawler had more tumour load than he actually had when he was first diagnosed.

As Gawler’s media profile grew, Grace found she was consulting increasingly large numbers of patients who had jeopardised their health trying to follow what ‘they thought Gawler had done’ to recover. Gawler never had a vegan diet in the 22 years Grace prepared his meals and she knew his meditation efforts had not cured the bony outcrops that appeared in and on his body.

It was thought that these lumps were manifestations of bone cancer but they were never biopsied. He was diagnosed with advanced TB in June 1978 and his specialist said it had been present (but undiagnosed) on X-rays for at least two and a half years. It always annoyed her that he had omitted to mention the TB in the 250,000 copies of his book You Can Conquer Cancer. Was it metastatic cancer or was it all TB? She had always wondered about the role TB had played in his recovery.

Sadly articles in prestigious medical journals have been used before to promote self interest and financial gain. In Armstrong’s case, a paper in The Journal of Applied Physiology (2005) appeared to prove his superior muscle efficiency and thus the reason for his Tour de France successes. But it has also been repeatedly used by Armstrong and his lawyers to fend off allegations that his cycling success, came in part through doping. After repeated challenges by 3 Australian physiologists, the author, Edward F. Coyle, a respected human-performance expert with the University of Texas in Austin, acknowledged making an error in his long-term study. Coyle had also been a paid consultant for Armstrong in a dispute with SCA Promotions, and had said “The author very much appreciates the respectful cooperation and positive attitude of Lance Armstrong over the years.”

Naturally Armstrong cooperated! The paper gave official medical and scientific credence to his cheating and put the ‘doubters’ to rest. Cycling was big business and big business does what is necessary to protect its interests. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the Gawler 2008 MJA report was published to coincide with Gawler’s new biography, a book promoted as ‘unflinchingly honest,’ but one that neglected much crucial information by Gawler’ ex-wife, Grace. Certainly the Gawler Foundation promoted the ‘flawed’ MJA report as a ‘media release’ and on their website. That’s the cancer business.

As I said earlier in Armstrong and Andrue’s scenario, only one of them was telling the truth. Indeed, Gawler’s misreported recovery story had the potential to harm more people than the Armstrong deceptions, but every time Gawler told his version to the media; when Grace Gawler asked for rebuttal time, it was always refused. Who was telling the truth?

I was present when the Women’s Weekly sent an upmarket photographer and makeup artist to our home to finalise production, prior to printing her story. There had been several lengthy interviews with Grace; however despite months of promises, the article was never published. I came to understand that this avoidance by media was a pattern. I was also present on two different occasions in 2010 and 2011, when Channel 7 and Channel 9 filmed Grace for 3 hours to publicise issues arising from her 2010 MJA letter. Again neither program went to air! All three had invested considerable time and money on Grace’s interviews and I wondered what invisible forces prevented them from reaching the public arena.

Conversely, Gawler continued to make numerous media appearances after Grace’s MJA rebuttal letter. Like Armstrong’s case there were many people on the Gawler ‘gravy train’ and Grace’s revelations had the potential to harm the lucrative alternative cancer medicine industry. Patients told us of alternative cancer therapists charging $3000 for day-long consultations and of integrative GPs charging $600 for sessions with hundreds of dollars extra added for supplements.

Like Betsy Andreu, with the first publicity, “First Wife Disputes”9 Grace was vilified in the media as the spiteful ex-wife, her career was damaged and defamation threats were made by Gawler’s Foundation. Like the cyclists who could not get work if they threatened Armstrong’s empire, Grace struggled to get vital media support to continue her work, something which can spell financial ruin.

Others were intimidated as well. In 2011, the MJA editor agreed to publish a paper authored by, two prominent oncologists which gave, for the first time, a plausible scientific explanation for Gawler’s recovery—that he was misdiagnosed. That he had TB and not secondary cancer.4 But later a new editor of the MJA was appointed and the paper was rejected.

When challenged by researcher Dr Emma McBryde, the MJA’s explanation was that Gawler himself had not permitted it to be published. She had commented that “Testing anomalous claims of cure and suggesting rational alternative explanations is part of the discourse of science. Should not the role of the journal editor be to support those who contribute rational criticism of untested claims?”5

An ‘Armstrongesque’ Gawler had changed his approach now maintaining his medical history was not as important as the healing work he had done for decades. Asked about inconsistencies and omissions in the ways he has presented his own complicated medical history, Gawler acknowledges that over time some of the details have become ‘muddied.’ But, he says, ”Who cares?” 6

Dr Linda Calabresi, medical editor of Australian Doctor, says this response ignores the fact that much of his personal success and that of his foundation derives from the idea that he is living proof of the theories he espouses. His stance puts him at risk of exploiting vulnerable people with cancer.6

Now that Armstrong has admitted some guilt the world has finally begun to appreciate Betsy Andreu for her persistence. The tables are turned. No longer vilified or dismissed as crazy, Andreu is the true hero of the day while on the other hand, after nearly two decades vigorously defending his cheating, Armstrong is widely seen as a pathological liar—a man not to be trusted.

With Armstrong style bravado, despite all the media coverage throwing doubt on his recovery story, Gawler has audaciously re-edited and published his famous book You Can Conquer Cancer. In his book as well as in his blogs, 7,8 Gawler attempts to discredit the oncologists who suggested his secondary cancer was misdiagnosed. His book also contains the now-shown-to-be flawed MJA reports about his recovery, despite publicly admitting knowledge of errors.

Will Gawler follow ‘Armstrong’ and come clean? Is the media up to the task or will they continue to ignore Grace Gawler’s attempts to protect cancer patients by revealing the truth of a famous story she also lived 24/7 for two decades? Will the media continue to give credence to the notion of the spiteful ex-wife9 hell bent on discrediting her ex husband—a convenient smokescreen to an inconvenient woman?

Australian cancer patients deserve the truth about Ian Gawler’s ‘cancer cure’ – a ‘cure’ now written into folklore. Unlike people impacted by Armstrong’s confessions, their lives may depend upon it.


  1. Regression of Osteogenic Sarcoma Metastases Associated with  Intensive Meditation  A. Meares Med.J.Aust; 1978, 2: 433

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