Fran Drescher-A celeb who walks the talk! What a fantastic ambassador for empowering women…Fran Drescher championing her mission for cancer prevention and early detection.

Listen to my interview with Fran Drescher on Voice America Fri 26 Oct 12pm PST (Australian listeners can tune in to the show Saturday morning 27 October-also you can download the show as an MP3 for free) Join me – Grace Gawler Navigating the Cancer Maze.

Cancer Schmancer is a name that one could easily associate with Fran Drescher; loved by millions for her television role as ‘The Nanny’, this humorous, elegant, Fran Drescher and Grace Gawlerbeautiful, fun loving celebrity has a more serious side to her life and mission. Listen in to Voice America’s Health and Wellness Channel Friday 26 October 12 noon PST USA on Grace Gawler’s Navigating the Cancer Maze to hear about Fran’s cancer journey and how her life adversity launched a new movement in cancer awareness.

What connects Fran Drescher and Grace Gawler? Both women have experienced great life adversities. Both women are using their lives to help others through the course of early cancer diagnosis.

A survivor of uterine cancer; Fran Drescher brings a new beacon of hope; a message to all women to trust their intuition when they ‘know’ that something is desperately wrong with their health when a health professional insists they are OK.

This is Fran Drescher’s story and it can happen to any of us. Fran Dresher was Fran van helping womenmisdiagnosed  &  mistreated for a peri-menopausal condition she did not have. Her doctors told her she was experiencing symptoms because of a long list of reasons – she was too young, too thin, and another reason given was that she ate too much spinach! Fran was prescribed hormones to treat the symptoms, but her doctors made one fundamental error – they did not they did not order proper diagnostic tests. Fran says; at the time, I didn’t know to ask why or why not, because I was just happy to be told I was too young for any other condition! Eventually an endometrial biopsy confirmed Fran’s greatest fear; she had cancer.

It had taken two years and eight doctors before finally being told that she had a gynecologic cancer. Fran says: “I felt betrayed by not only by my own body, but the medical community.”

In 2002, Fran wrote Cancer Schmancer, to tell her story of survival so what happened to her wouldn’t happen to others. “After I went on my book tour” she says, I realized that what happened to me had happened to so many women like me. And so it was then I realized the book was not the end but rather the beginning of a life mission to improve women’s healthcare in America.”


Using her own experience and new found awareness, Fran created not only the book of the same name, but the Cancer Schmancer Movement and Cancer Schmancer Foundation. The Movement aims to of help transform women from patients into medical consumers, and to shift priority from searching for a cancer cure towards prevention and early detection of cancer; a timely message to a nation where cancer diagnosis dominates lives, families and communities. In the U.S. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. BUT THERE IS HOPE… Because when cancer is found early, 90% SURVIVE! Every woman, regardless of age, race or socioeconomic background deserves to have the opportunity of survival.

Cancer Schmancer’s message inspired by Fran Dreschers experience is clear; by catching cancer early and by shifting focus from just searching for a cure to education, prevention and early detection, lives can be saved TODAY. By empowering ourselves and the women we love to become medical consumers; to listen to our bodies, ask the right questions of our doctors and seek second opinions, we can prevent cancer and, if we still end up with it, detect cancer in its earliest stages. Cancer Schmancer is perhaps one of the most innovative Cancer movements in the world with a new message that sheds light on a method that works to end mortality due to late stage diagnosis. And that’s EARLY DETECTION. Join us in saving lives.

Fran says, “I got famous, then I got cancer, and now I live to talk about it. Sometimes the best gifts come in the ugliest packages. Please lock elbows with me and join the Cancer Schmancer Movement so together we can do what needs to be done, so less of us will die prematurely.”

Fran Drescher Cancer schmancer being_wendyRecently Fran Drescher has begun helping children to become aware of how attitudes shape life through her delightful picture book called ‘Being Wendy’.

Listen to Frans’ story, hear her talk about her books and more on…Navigating the Cancer Maze this Friday 26 October 12 noon PST on Voice America’s Health and Wellness Channel with Grace Gawler.

Get on board, join the Movement, contact:

Cancer Schmancer P.O. Box 2760 Reston, VA 20195

Phone: 888-621-2001

Listen to Fran Drescher talk about Cancer Schmancer

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As directors of The Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions, much of our work is guiding ‘alternative medicine casualties’  with advanced cancer, back into mainstream medicine backed by proven complementary therapies. We believe there is a moral imperative for ‘cancer entrepreneurs’ to publish truthful accounts about their ‘miracle’ cure methods to prevent 1000s of patients from following distorted information.

Grace Gawler has been particularly concerned that stories about her ex-husband, Ian Gawler’s recovery story, a story she played a major role in, have been misreported (as they were in 2 Medical Journal of Australia reports MJA 1978 and 2008) causing many of her patients to abandon conventional medicine in favour of alt/med. She has been trying to educate the public of this fact for years with little cooperation from the media.

Patients have informed us that some ‘integrative’ doctors who read the MJA reports have recommended their cancer patients eat a vegan diet and meditate long hours as Ian Gawler was purported to do.

This article in the Age illustrates her point – Pip Cornall

Writing in the Age – December 31, 2011, Chris Johnston and Julia Medew Health Editor – said

“AN EXPLOSIVE new medical report has cast doubt on whether Melbourne alternative therapies guru Dr Ian Gawler ever suffered the secondary cancer from which he has claimed for 30 years to have cured himself.”

(full article at  )


This article called Great Outdoors Therapy  – Prostate Mates   ran in the Gold Coast Bulletin 28-12-2011 Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

The outdoors component of the program mentioned in the article will be led by Pip Cornall and supervised by institute director Grace Gawler and team advisor Dr Bruce Whelan.

“PIP Cornall is about to go where no man has gone before. He’s taking prostate cancer support to the outdoors. Whether it is fishing, camping or having a beer, he believes it is the perfect opportunity to support affected men in an environment which eliminates the stereotype of a therapist’s chair.

Rail freight giant QR National thinks there is merit to this world-first program designed to be piloted on the Gold Coast in early March and has donated $16,800.

The Prostate Mates program will be run through the Grace Gawler Institute, a local company with a long history of providing emotional support to cancer victims.

Mr Cornall joined the institute as a director after Ms Gawler, the institute founder, read an article he wrote while living in America on his work with men and boys in prison and taking them into the wilderness for therapy. He was also a physical education teacher on the Gold Coast in the mid 1970s.

Mr Cornall is hoping the Prostate Mates program will become a pioneer for prostate support groups across the world.
“Men would rather have a beer and go fishing so we thought, why not run with that trend,” he said.

“It’s taking therapy out of the office.” Mr Cornall said he planned to run the first session in March as either afternoon fishing on the Broadwater or camping on North Stradbroke Island.

“My role is to help men share their deepest fears in things like, if they have had treatment and are now impotent,” he said.
“When someone is no longer pretending to be strong it frees up their energy and helps the healing.”
Mr Cornall said 19,403 new cases of prostate cancer were diagnosed each year in Australia.”

My notes: The prostate diagnosies compare with about 14,234 cases of bowell cancer, 12,670 cases of breast cancer and melanoma of the skin (10,342 cases)  in the same time  frame. – Pip Cornall

I’m a director of a cancer solutions charity in Queensland, Australia. In the last few years we’ve been seeing an astronomic rise in deaths from patients using alt/med treatments alone.

Our founder, Grace Gawler has spent nearly 4 decades helping cancer patients build survival strategies. In all of the 13,000 + patients she has worked with, she HAS NOT SEEN A SINGLE RECOVERY DUE TO ALT/MED ALONE. Rather she has seen many alt/med casualties – too many casualties, as have I in my short 4.5 years helping Grace in her work.

Well intentioned blogs like ‘Mum’s not having Chemo’ can fan the wildfire of alt/med cures spreading the world – the plethora of internet claims like ‘cure cancer now,’ ‘read my book and be cured like thousands before you,’ ‘curing cancer’ is easy and so on.

These promotions are very dangerous as those working with cancer patients know. The miracle claims on the net don’t stack up with our experience nor that of our colleagues in Australia and Europe.

Yet the blog in question, Laura Bond’s ‘Mum’s not having Chemo,’ a blog clearly written with love by the daughter who has spent hundreds of hours researching treatments, is wildly inaccurate.

As one medical colleague said, “it’s misleading, dangerous and a mess.”  Worse than that, the Adelaide Advertiser wrote a weekend feature about the alt/med choices of the mum, Gemma Bond and the daughter’s efforts to help her.

It is titled ‘Why a Brave Mum said no to Chemotherapy   – full article

We have written and phoned the paper to rectify the article. Perhaps they may not know of the increase in alt/med deaths that we and our colleagues witness. I hope they respond!

I have also posted caring but informative comments on the daughter’s blog but these have been removed. I have emailed her but she has not replied. Blinded by her ideology, she obviously can’t allow any debate despite my compassionate emails and comments.

She does not seem to understand that she is not medically trained; that there is a moral obligation not to promote the types of alt/med treatments that are killing thousands of cancer patients each year in Australia. Although the intention behind her blogs may be well meaning, materials that influence desperate cancer patients to chose alt/med treatments that kill them are deadly whatever way you look at it.

Dr Ian Musgrave, PhD, a molecular pharmacologist who works at the University of Adelaide in South Australia said of the blog, “I don’t want to denigrate the experience of the author and her mother, but in trying to explain why her mother chose alternative medicine, a lot of factually incorrect or misleading information is presented by the author.” His full article is very revealing – click here. (you may have to scroll down to find it)

Amanda Hordern, director of the Cancer Council Victoria’s information and support helpline, says the line is fielding an increasing number of calls from people who believe they can heal their bodies by undergoing restrictive dietary regimes, such as consuming 10 kilograms of juiced fruit and vegetables a day, eliminating dairy and meat, taking high doses of vitamin supplements or eating shark cartilage and having coffee enemas.

She says of the 600 calls about nutrition last year, many were from cancer patients convinced an extreme diet could cure them. ”I’ve spoken to people who have mortgaged their houses looking for this wonder cure. I’ve heard of $20,000 retreats where people go away and are taught how to have alternative diets that are unproven. ”People have asked us for financial assistance to pay for funerals because they’ve lost absolutely everything in pursuing the elusive hope and it hasn’t worked,” Dr Hordern told The Sunday Age.

Dr Hordern has received many calls from relatives of cancer sufferers who have followed unorthodox diets with tragic results. ”I remember a man whose wife had recently died from very advanced breast cancer. He said to me with absolute agony and desperation in his voice, ‘My wife was so sure that this wonder treatment was going to work.’ It was a really extreme, alternative therapy with coffee enemas and a cleansing detoxifying diet recommended by a naturopath. In the end she was so wasted, had lost so much weight and he was really angry. He felt that he had been robbed of the last month of her life.”

Dr Ian Haines, medical oncologist at Cabrini Health, is open to his patients making changes to their diet if they are not too extreme, and says it can provide a placebo effect. He says confusion about what to eat is a big problem: ”Once someone gets diagnosed with cancer they get six or 10 different books on curing cancer from all variety of sources, so they’re absolutely flooded with mixed messages. There is no magic solution out there, moderation is probably the best answer we have in 2010.” Read more:

I’ll write more about this topic until we see a change in this terrible trend, a trend fanned by well meaning but untrained and unexperienced people.

Working closely with patients as we do, who have come too late to us because they fiddled around with alt/med (like Steve Jobs) – it is simply heart breaking to witness the preventable deaths of good but misguided patients. That is why we get up early to write.

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Why first wife disputes cancer guru Ian Gawler’s survival story

We’ve written repeatedly on this important topic because so many patients in Australia are dying from alt/med treatments – we believe this number is in the 1000s. So many are struggling with vegan diets and long hours of  meditation believing that is what cured Ian Gawler’s cancer.”If he can do it so can I,” is the mantra.

We’d rather be working with patients and not be repeating an old story but we must while so many patients are abandoning conventional treatments influenced by this mythical event. We write to set the record straight and warn patients they should not follow alt/med or starve themselves on vegan diets to beat their cancer.

Here is the story again –  references are below – please spread the word.
In 2009, a former patient contacted Grace Gawler concerned about alleged inaccuracies in a Medical Journal of Australia (December 2008) article about Ian Gawler’s recovery story.[5]

Ian Gawler’s high profile as a famous recovered cancer patient with constant media presence, the sale 250,000 copies of his popular book ‘You Can Conquer Cancer,’ along with CDs and DVDs, means he has much influence over cancer patients and the treatment choices they make. [6]

MJA editors invited Gawler to submit evidence of the alleged inaccuracies. After a year of rigorous fact checking, they published her letter on these matters.[7] The letter indicated a number of alleged errors in the article which had implied that Ian Gawler’s recovery was attributed to intensive meditation and adherence to a strict vegan diet. Photographic evidence was provided indicating that timelines in the December 2008 article were not entirely correct.

Since Gawler’s 2010 letter, some of her claims have been agreed to by Ian Gawler.[8] Information in a 2008 biography of Ian Gawler also agrees with her MJA letter regarding dates and timelines.[9] Referring to both Medical Journal of Australia articles about him (1978 and 2008), Ian Gawler stated that “Dr Ainslie Meares reported that I had more severe disease when I first saw him than I actually did, and these timeline errors were carried over into the 2008 follow-up.”[10]

Ian Gawler also admitted he had not followed a vegan diet.[11] Some Australian researchers hypothesise that TB may have played a significant role in the patient’s remission.[12][13][14]

Writing in PubMed, a prominent Australian onclogist, Prof Ray Lowenthal, said “Furthermore, because his ideas are making such an impact on the day-to-day treatment of cancer in this country, Ian Gawler owes it to the community to justify, with evidence, his claims that by meditation, patients with cancer may be enabled to achieve a cure of their disease in a way that is unattainable with orthodox medical treatment alone.” [15]

Writing in Cancer Forum in 2005 Lowenthal states, “Ian Gawler has not been completely frank in his description of the treatments he received. While he may have spent a lot of time on his own self-prescribed remedies, he also received orthodox treatment, although in his books and interviews he has played down their role in his cure.” [16]


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Gawler Healing Meditation

Mediation not meditation is surely needed! This is another post to raise money for urgent USA surgery for the son of Ian Gawler and Grace Gawler. D Gawler is 31 and is in constant pain- without urgent surgery his prognosis is very poor. This young guy needs a chance like the chance his dad got through Grace Gawler’s devoted efforts helping Ian Gawler survive cancer. This is an amazing story to read more please click here to go the the mother’s appeal site.

Thank you  – Pip Cornall

To go to the Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions –

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Cancer Recovery for Men the Smart Way – Yoga for Trauma

The Grace Gawler Institute offers specialised yoga programs to help people recover from cancer – such as lymphatic drainage poses and stretches, easy breathing routines to reduce stress.

Patients dealing with cancer also deal with varying levels of depression, stress and trauma but new studies show that people suffering from PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) can find real relief with yoga.

In a study published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, a prominent PTSD expert found that a group of female patients who completed eight yoga classes showed significantly more improvement in symptoms—including the frequency of intrusive thoughts and the severity of jangled nerves—than a similar group that had eight sessions of group therapy.

The study also reported that yoga can improve heart-rate variability, a key indicator of a person’s ability to calm herself. The study’s most striking findings were patients’ own descriptions of how their lives changed, says the author, Bessel van der Kolk, a professor of psychiatry at the Boston University School of Medicine and medical director of the Trauma Center, a clinic and training facility in Brookline, Massachusetts. Van der Kolk, who has studied trauma since the 1970s, is considered a pioneer in the field.


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Grace Gawler Institute – The Smart Way to Cancer Recovery

In 2011 we have good news for cancer patients…There is an intelligent way to approach cancer recovery.

For decades, due to advances in medical science and diagnostic methods cancer deaths have been steadily falling; however in the same time we’ve observed alternative medicine cancer deaths rapidly rising. This observation is echoed by medical colleagues—oncologists and doctors we collaborate with, both in Australia and overseas. It’s a global phenomenon.

The rise of alt/med cancer deaths is connected to an irrational ideology which encourages the abandonment of medical science for a return to ‘natural methods’. This fuelled by ‘Dr Internet’ and the new breed of cancer entrepreneurs.

There is a 3rd way and more intelligent way to manage cancer – it yields the best patient outcomes. We call this collaborative cancer medicine At the Grace Gawler Institute we eliminate the ‘chance’ component in the medical system by only referring our patients to tried and proven performers—the best oncologists, GPs and specialists.

We act as case-managers—coordinating the practitioners in the team while supporting the patient with individualised but simple nutritional practices, and, most importantly, psycho-oncology support, helping patients build emotional and psychological resilience—like a “Tour de France athlete preparing for the ‘ride of their life’.

In 2011 we have very good news for cancer patients – there is an intelligent way to approach cancer recovery.

The Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions Web –      E-

PH: 61 (7) 5577 2997 Mob: – 61 (0) 409672324

PO Box 880 Paradise Point, Gold Coast, Qld, 4216 – Australia

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ABC – Life Matters – The Rite Journey

Life Matters featured a program about ‘The Rite Journey’ a school based program that uses ceremony to help boys, and now girls, prepare to become adults.

It’s designed to help overcome the lack of rituals in the lives of modern teenagers.

Reporter Annie Hastwell joined South Australian teacher Andrew Lines and his students as they farewelled their childhood at one of the group’s final ceremonies.

Andrew and I are currently talking of forming an alliance of males wanting to help our young boys become fantastic men.

Be sure to view my eBooks on this topic – click here and to vist my website click here

To listen to the ABC program click here

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eBooks – Helping Boys Become Fantastic Men

A Modern Technology for Mentoring and Coaching

In the 90’s psychologist, Steve Biddulph wrote Manhood. The best seller book raised awareness of masculinity issues, helped many men make positive changes and was soon followed by Raising Boys and other books to help parents raise their children…

In the ‘noughties,’ the discussion about boys, men and masculinity was further boosted by  New Zealander Celia Lashlie in her book ‘He’ll be Ok: Growing Gorgeous Boys into Good Men.

Sustainable Masculinity eBook

It’s 2011—the cyber-age. Consistent with his goals to promote healthier forms of masculinity and recognising the power of the internet to impact social change, author Pip Cornall, a former PE teacher and juvenile justice mediator in Australia and the USA, has released two new eBooks. The eBooks are literally  brimming with animations, videos, websites, films and online resources all designed for adults who want to help boys become fantastic men.

Keith Austin, a sports writer for the Sydney Morning Herald, in 2007,  wrote of Pip’s earlier paperbacks – ‘In common with Steve Biddulph, Cornall believes it is time to change the overly macho face of Australian masculinity.

Using the power of animation, video, film and web resources, Cornall’s eBooks, at about a third the price of a paperback, can be extremely useful tools for parents, grandparents, teacher coaches and community workers across Australia.

1. Sustainable Masculinity

A Toolkit for Men, Women and Grandparents – Helping Boys Grow into Fantastic Men

2. Kicking a Goal for Masculinity

A Toolkit for Coaches, Teachers, Mentors, Parents/Grandparents for Helping Boys who love Sport Grow into Fantastic Men…

The eBook has a sporting focus and encourages sporting communities to use sport  as a platform not just for winning but for teaching character qualities that help boys become the men our communities are demanding.

The eBooks can be downloaded online for only $4.99. Please spread the word. In the digital age viral promotion through your email contacts can become a force which can reduce male violence and help boys become great men – your assistance assist large scale social change

Click here to visit the shop – you’ll be diverted to our secure shop at the Institute


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