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Overcoming Violence – Exploring Masculinities, Violence and Peace

I support the gender initiative from the WPP – Women Peacemakers Program found at
Here is their article – Gender lies at the root of war and peace and it is increasingly being recognized that issues of masculinities need to be addressed in the field of peacebuilding and active nonviolence.

WPP is convinced that in order to transform cultures of war and violence, women peace activists need to work together with male allies on these issues. In light of this analysis, WPP has organized the Training of Trainers Program “Overcoming Violence – Exploring Masculinities, Violence and Peace”.

The first part of the ToT took place from November 30 till December 12, 2009 in The Netherlands, and brought together 19 pioneering activist men, from 17 different countries.

The training focused on gender-sensitive active non-violence, the theory of masculinities and its relation to violence, and participatory and gender-sensitive facilitation.

The rich exchange of strategies and cultural practices related to peacebuilding, active nonviolence and issues related to masculinities and femininities has been an empowering experience for all.

During 2010, the WPP will be intensively working together with the trainees while they are preparing their community projects and follow-up trainings in their home context. All these activities include working together with female allies for gender-sensitive active nonviolent peacebuilding. Mid – 2010, the 19 trainees will participate in a second Training of Trainers as to exchange knowledge and experiences, and consolidate the learning into a training manual.

A first powerful outcome of the Training of Trainers on gender sensitive active non violence for men that WPP organized in December 2009, is a statement produced by the ToT trainees to affirm their commitment to gender-sensitive peacebuilding:

“We understand that men and women are socialised in a patriarchal system that legitimises use of different forms of violence to gain, restore and control power affecting powerless and marginalised sections of society. We fully acknowledge that women suffer far more than men from gender oppression.”

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