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Posted by: malechallengemedia | January 4, 2011

Meditation and Vegan Diet not Key Factors in Ian Gawler Cancer Recovery

Ian Gawler (IG) has now publicly admitted knowledge of errors in two previous Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) articles about his cancer recovery, written 30 years apart!

The more recent supposedly peer reviewed article article (2008), was written by his wife and a colleague – Ruth Gawler and Prof Jelinek but they were not there at the time of his cancer recovery and must have relied on data from Ian Gawler himself. The other was written in 1978 by Ainslie Meares who taught Ian meditation for a short while.

The Gawler/Jelinek errors are serious because they make it appear that only after chemotherapy and radiation failed, that Ainslie Meares’ meditation method and strict adherence to a vegan diet were responsible for Ian Gawler’s recovery.

Grace Gawler, Ian’s first wife and care giver for many years was there with Ian for 22 years. She knows what he ate because she cooked all the food.

Grace remembers what happened and has photo evidence to back her memory.She provided evidence to the that in mid Feb 1976, Ian abandoned Meare’s meditation sessions because he deteriorated rapidly. He attended the sessions for just six weeks. Palliative radiation was tried in Feb 76 but it was not until Oct 76 that chemotherapy was trialled. The importance of time-lines in this case is obvious.

The articles are shown to have multiple errors including time-line inversions, incorrect photo dates and factual errors. They have been linked to the Gawler Foundation website for nearly two years.

The first (below) was posted the day before the Gawler/Jelinek MJA ( Medical Journal of Australia) article was published.
The 1978 Meares MJA article was posted to their site in Nov 2008.

Adam Creswell, in The Australian Oct, 2010, quotes – “Dr Gawler said he believed it was “inappropriate” of the MJA to allow him to be identified, and that the journal had breached medical ethics by publishing the letter.”  See

MJA editor Martin Van Der Weyden rejected the accusation, saying Dr Gawler had already “capitalised on this ‘spontaneous cure’ ” through his foundation and biography, where the events had also been recorded.

Van Der Weyden would have been more intrigued had he known of the Gawler Foundation’s website listing of the posts (above) which clearly identified him as the patient. Remember these were posted before the 2008 Gawler/Jelinek MJA article was published. These posts were available to the public for almost 2 years prior to Grace’s 2010 MJA refute. This highlights the issue of credibility and why the debate must be made public.

Surprisingly IG states the significant timeline errors were ‘not important’ but then also admits to not following a vegan diet. If you ask cancer patients following rigid vegan diets plus long hours of meditation in the hope they too can achieve a ‘miracle’ recovery like IG, I think they may say it was ‘critically’ important.

Why is this matter of concern? Cancer specialists have long been aware that patients were abandoning conventional treatment influenced by constant media coverage of Ian Gawler’s story – see oncology Professor Dr Haines and Cancer Council’s Dr Horden’s concerns in –

Dr Linda Calabresi’s Australian Doctor editorial can be accessed at …
Dr Calabresi makes good points, however describing this as an argument between two Gawler wives diverts the main issue—Dr Calabresis concludes in her article, “As much as I am fascinated by the claim and counterclaim aspect of this story, and the people involved, I believe it is important that the record be set straight. The implications are significant for those who are faced with potentially fatal malignancies, who are often desperate and vulnerable. Fiddling with the facts is simply not fair.

Dr Calabresi suggests the record in this case must be set straight. I agree!

The following questions must be answered…

1.      Given IG knew of significant errors in both MJA reports why did he take no action?

2.      Why the fuss about medical ethics/identification when the MJA posts had been on his website for almost 2 years?

3.      Why has there been no response to Grace from Ruth Gawler and Prof Jelinek?

4.      Why has the GF not responded to Grace regarding changes to the way the IG story, central to their activities, is told to patients and GPs?

In Oct 2010 A Current Affair (ACA) spent 3 hours filming Grace about the errors but were unable to get comments from either the authors, Ian Gawler or the Gawler Foundation. This is perhaps one of the most important debates for complementary cancer medicine in Australia. Please contact ACA to encourage them to air the program. Grace is willing to publicly debate this issue anywhere/anytime.

Given the long term media coverage of IG’s recovery, significant publicity is now required to correct this urban cancer myth now virally spread through the internet and other mediums. One would wonder why such an important community issue is not being debated in the public domain. Our community’s most vulnerable cancer patients need to base their decisions upon the truth.

Dr Linda Calabresi, Medical Editor for the Australian Doctor, a weekly online newsletter read by many Australian doctors, makes some good points about inaccuracies in the Ian Gawler cancer healing story . Her  article, although posted on Oct 27, is now available online due to the importance of the topic.Her article  – Providing hope comes with a duty of truth’ gets to the point – if you are a high profile, ‘celebrity’ cancer healing personality then you must be honest about your healing story.

Dr Calabresi says – “Take, for instance, the issue of the vegan diet. Grace Gawler claimed the patient, her husband at the time, was never on a vegan diet when battling his metastatic disease as claimed in the 2008 report. Her correction of this error was not challenged in Ruth Gawler’s reply in the MJA or in subsequent interviews with any of the parties involved, including Ian Gawler himself. It does make a difference. If he wasn’t on a vegan diet, veganism cannot have played a part.

Every cancer patient I have encountered has looked for ways of helping themselves, ways of shifting the odds to favour their recovery. Often this revolves around things they can control, such as diet. People will grab onto claims that veganism can make a difference even if it is just one, albeit celebrated, case. If it can’t possibly be connected then that should be known. Similarly with meditation — how big a role did it play?”

Now, a month later,  Ian Gawler (IG) has responded but like his wife Ruth Gawler in her MJa response, fails to provide any concrete evidence.  IG admits knowing of errors in both medical journal article written about him but considers them unimportant!

Again, since cancer patients may be harmed or even die trying to follow a highly publicised story like IG’s, this topic is too important to go away.

Grace Gawler has solid proof of all her claims and the public has a right to know the truth. Grace asks the public to get both of them on ACA to debate the issue once and for all. ACA has spent hours filming Grace and are awaiting a reply from Ian Gawler and Ruth Gawler – they have both refused to talk to ACA.

I was not there in Grace and Ian’s 22 year history, nor was Ruth Gawler but Grace is blessed with an amazing memory and has proof of all she claims. Our concern is that cancer patients and doctors know the truth.

More will come out in following posts.

Now that Ian Gawler (IG) has admitted to knowing about errors in 2 ‘scientific’ journal reports written about his cancer remission – 30 years apart,  in the prestigious Medical Journal of Australia (MJA), the Gawler Foundation (GF) must now set the record straight.

Admittedly this must be embarrassing for IG and the GF (who may not have known the truth) but that is what happens when big deception is inacted – the truth will always come out over the passage of time. In this case it only took 3 decades to do so by the only person alive who could do it.

The true story cannot be told without the input of the ‘whisleblower, IG’s 24/7 caregiver/healer – Grace Gawler. She was there, she was lucid, and she has a history of acting with great integrity. Grace cooked for IG for 22 years. Grace gave IG 3 hrs of ‘hands-on’ ‘massage’ that she learned in the Philippines when IG had only a 2-3 week prognosis. In the IG story there was a patient and a healer/care giver but her story has largely been ignored. Time for this to end – there is no substitute for the truth.

Grace has had no meaningful response from the GF and no indication they will change how they promote the IG healing story which has been central to their work.

Nor has Grace had any response at all from the ‘supposed’ authors (Ruth Gawler and Prof Jelinek) of the 2008 MJA report that was so badly flawed.

IG and the GF have influenced thousands of cancer patients and doctors throughout Australia over 3 decades but the ‘remarkable IG healing story’ has never been told with accuracy or completeness and that is very dangerous to patients who try to follow his ‘miracle’ story.

Grace is prepared to debate this important issue in any public forum. With 115,000 new cancer patients every year in Australia, many of whom will be encouraged by well meaning friends to read IG’s materials or attend a GF course, the full and accurate details of his healing must be told.

Please encourage this debate to happen if you want cancer patients to be told the truth in this story that has become almost legendary.

I apologize again for the length of the post but this information is crucial for cancer patients, who, after diagnosis are often in shock or PTSD. In this state they may be overly inclined to grasp at anything that will help them survive. High profile successful cancer recovery stories are enticing – the logic being, if they have lots of press coverage their story must be valid. Sadly, some high profile stories are not accurate.

Let’s face it,  Ian Gawler would not have made his admission concerning errors in two  Australian Medical Journal (MJA) articles about his cancer healing story were it not for the persistence of the only person alive who could do it, his ex-wife, 24/7 care giver, Grace Gawler and her rigorously fact checked 2010  (MJA) refute letter.

While Ian Gawler’s admission is a breakthrough for cancer patients, it begs the question – if Ian Gawler knew of errors in both articles over a 30 year time span, what else is questionable or unreported about his recovery story? That’s a long time to keep a myth alive and given massive media coverage over 30 years (major TV shows, papers, magazines, internet) -that’s a long time to influence lots of people in the cancer field – patients and practitioners alike.

Cancer patients beware! Would you trust your life dependent choices on a story now shown to be flawed in two MJA article – 30 years apart? Previously, many new cancer patients will be told to read Ian Gawler’s book, You Can Conquer Cancer, now an opportunity exists to examine the evidence.

In light of the new admissions by Ian Gawler, patients trusting their lives by following information in his books, CDs or media or courses, would be advised to read Grace’s information on her blogs and websites and if still in doubt read her memoirs Grace, Grit and Gratitude, or speak to her in person or see press media kit on Grace’s site.

Why Ian Gawler did not correct the MJA errors written about his high profile case is precisely what Grace Gawler has been concerned about for decades and partly why she left the Gawler Foundation in 1996. She knows this is the tip of the iceberg.

In his recent Australian Doctor response to Dr Linda Calabresi’s article, ‘Providing Hope comes with a Duty of Truth,’ Ian Gawler says – “So while back in 1978 [psychiatrist] Dr Ainslie Meares reported that I had more severe disease when I first saw him than I actually did, and these timeline errors were carried over into the 2008 follow-up, this has little material relevance to the important facts.”

This minimises several issues –
1. Knowingly allowing errors – especially in the second MJA article – 30 years on, once perhaps can be excused but not twice!
2. The timeline errors are crucial, even more so in the second MJA article, because they imply that ‘ only after conventional therapies failed, did the meditation and vegan diet assist his cure ( see MJA 2008 Gawler/Jelinek on the Gawler Foundation website)

Thousands, maybe millions (has global profile) of cancer patients, their families and practitioners have been misled by information in Australia’s most prestigious medical journal, information Ian Gawler knew to be untrue, information which ‘morphed’ over the years such that the 2008 MJA report by Ian Gawler’s wife, Dr Ruth Gawler and Prof Jelinek (associated with the Gawler Foundation), is much further from the truth.

In his blog Gawler states of his biography written by Guy Allenby – “In my opinion, The Dragon’s Blessing is accurate, so anyone interested in the proper timelines will find them there.”

Wrong again! – Grace Gawler, witnessed by myself, attended a 6.5 hour session where Grace alerted Allenby to likely errors in Ian Gawler’s healing story. She showed accurate timelines and introduced new information to him. Before the book went to print Grace wrote to Allenby insisting he give more credibility to her information. He did not take heed and thus she feels vital information in the book is inaccurate.
From her memoirs Grace,Grit and Gratitude, Grace writes “In October 2007, I was approached by Mr Guy Allenby; a journalist, who informed me he was writing a biography about Ian Gawler’s life. He asked to interview me and I agreed, travelling to Sydney, where we talked for more than six hours in a recorded session. Assured that he would represent our story equitably, I was more than happy to accommodate his questions.”

It is good Ian Gawler has admitted his knowledge of the errors because high profile cancer recovery cases influence large numbers of our community’s most frightened and desperate people—cancer patients.

As Dr Linda Calabresi’s Australian Doctor article suggests, ‘Providing Hope Comes with a Duty of Truth.’

Ian Gawler’s blog contains the link to his Australian Doctor response. Solid evidence is lacking in both posts.

The issue of vegan diet in his recovery (at least he admits he was not following a vegan diet as his website article suggest) will be addressed in future blogs as will some issues concerning lifestyle medicine brought to my attention by former cancer patients.  Pip Cornall

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The Gawler Foundation Conference Opportunity to Discuss Flawed MJA Report

Cancer patients are amongst our most vulnerable community members. Fear driven by horror stories of chemo suffering and words for alt/med like ‘ cut, burn and poison they put faith in alternative cancer cure stories.

So when significant errors about a high profile alternative cancer cure story are found in the prestigious Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) article by Dr Ruth Gawler and Prof George Jelinek from the Gawler Foundation about the cancer healing history of Australia’s most famous cancer patient, Ian Gawler (IG) it is cause for a public enquiry.

Due to extensive media coverage over 3 decades I’d suggest a high proportion of people who get cancer are told to read IG’s book, You Can Conquer Cancer. Now his ex wife, Grace Gawler, disturbed by how much the story has changed, has shown in her 2010 MJA article that the IG healing story in the MJA 2008 by  R Gawler and G Jelinek multiple errors which imply that meditation and vegan diet cured his cancer. Her article was rigorously fact checked for a year by the MJA and her evidence is solid, not withstanding the fact she was there, 24/7 as IG’s care giver.

It’s a story the public must see corrected so it cannot influence cancer patients who try to follow it believing it to be true.

See the details at Grace Gawler’s blog



Cancer patients are amongst our most vulnerable community members. Fear driven by horror stories of chemo suffering and words for alt/med like ‘ cut, burn and poison they put faith in alternative cancer cure stories.

So when significant errors about a high profile alternative cancer cure story are found in the prestigious Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) article by Dr Ruth Gawler and Prof George Jelinek from the Gawler Foundation about the cancer healing history of Australia’s most famous cancer patient, Ian Gawler (IG) it is cause for a public enquiry.

Due to extensive media coverage over 3 decades I’d suggest a high proportion of people who get cancer are told to read IG’s book, You Can Conquer Cancer. Now his ex wife, Grace Gawler, disturbed by how much the story has changed, has shown in her 2010 MJA article that the IG healing story in the MJA 2008 by  R Gawler and G Jelinek multiple errors which imply that meditation and vegan diet cured his cancer. Her article was rigorously fact checked for a year by the MJA and her evidence is solid, not withstanding the fact she was there, 24/7 as IG’s care giver.

It’s a story the public must see corrected so it cannot influence cancer patients who try to follow it believing it to be true.

See the details at Grace Gawler’s blog

Until the Silence is broken this is a topic too important to go away. Many cancer patients after their initial diagnosis are in a state of shock – like a form of PTSD. They are vulnerable in this state, should have trauma counselling and may not be capable of making rational decisions. It is imperative they have reliable information about treatment options.

This is a long article but I’m asking everybody to spread it around – it is so important that we not stay silent – for more information go to or click press media kit. See the links at the bottom of page for more cancer scams causing the deaths of 5 patients in Perth.

Last week, yet  another cancer patient visiting our clinic had been advised by an ‘integrative GP’ to eat a vegan/raw diet and meditate long hours each day and sold large amounts of expensive supplements. The GP’ advice had the stamp of Gawler Foundation (GF) on it and indeed had taken GF training. The poor patient, like many each week, was shocked to hear that the miraculous cancer healing story of ‘Australia’s most famous cancer patient’ was not accurate.

Although claimed by GF employees, Dr Ruth Gawler and Prof G Jelinek, in a 2008 MJA article, Ian Gawler was never on a vegan diet, not at least in the 22 years Grace, his former wife, was cook. Time-lines had been reversed in their Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) article implying that only after conventional treatment failed did meditation and vegan diet likely cause his remission. Since Grace’s refute evidence in the 2010 MJA and despite emails and letters to Ian and Ruth Gawler and Prof Jelinek, no response has been forthcoming. (NB:The MJA rigorously fact checked Grace’s article for a year before publishing.)

Ian Gawler even said in a somewhat sensationalized article in the Australian and on his blog that he was ‘bemused.’  Having received massive media coverage for 3 decades Gawler has built credibility in cancer recovery, especially the alternative field. Bemusement is a poor response and simply not appropriate.

Gawler must debate the issues raised by his former care giver/researcher, Grace Gawler, in the public forum. Grace, who has truth on her side is willing to debate with him on TV or radio anywhere.

The silence is deafening – I think of famous quotes – ‘Violence flourishes when good men stay silent.’

The silence is violence because cancer patients are being harmed or dying following extreme diets and other unproven or disproven alternative therapies. Unsuspecting public and practitioners promote the Gawler myth.

How big is the problem? We think it is huge – we see it weekly in our practice and we are not alone!

Australian Oncologist Ray Lowenthal along with his peers knows this to be true. He says in  Cancer Forum – (scroll down to find his views on Ian Gawler’s  cancer cure claims.) Lowenthal says …

“Many of us at the time argued that Gawler’s ideas were unproven and some were potentially damaging, especially to the extent that patients adopted them as alternatives rather than as complementary to standard care, or spent a great deal of time on them to the detriment of their relationships. In the late 1970s and early 1980s his claims received enormous publicity and were quite disruptive to standard medical practice.

If you know of cancer patients who shunned conventional treatment and followed extreme diets and excessive meditation please let us know by email

How many more ‘integrative GPs’, naturopaths and people trained by the GF are giving the same advice? We know of others in our area—we suspect there are many more.

The following is quoted from an Age article by Jill Stark, March 7, 2010 – Can apricot kernels keep cancer at bay?

“Amanda Hordern, director of the Cancer Council Victoria’s information and support helpline, says the line is fielding an increasing number of calls from people who believe they can heal their bodies by undergoing restrictive dietary regimes, such as consuming 10 kilograms of juiced fruit and vegetables a day, eliminating dairy and meat, taking high doses of vitamin supplements or eating shark cartilage and having coffee enemas.

She says of the 600 calls about nutrition last year, many were from cancer patients convinced an extreme diet could cure them. ”I’ve spoken to people who have mortgaged their houses looking for this wonder cure. I’ve heard of $20,000 retreats where people go away and are taught how to have alternative diets that are unproven.

”People have asked us for financial assistance to pay for funerals because they’ve lost absolutely everything in pursuing the elusive hope and it hasn’t worked,” Dr Hordern told The Sunday Age.

The Cancer Council’s message, like that of its international peers, is clear: diet can play a role in preventing cancer – too much red meat or alcohol has been shown to increase the risk of breast and bowel cancer, for example – but there is no scientific evidence to prove any one food or diet can treat, control or cure cancer.

Yet many of the 114,000 Australians diagnosed each year – most commonly with prostate, bowel, breast and lung cancers – reject this advice. It defies logic, they say, that if eschewing a Western diet high in saturated fat, salt and red meat can reduce the risk of some cancers, that food becomes irrelevant after diagnosis?

The most reliable nutritional advice for those with cancer is to maintain a balanced diet, she says, warning that those undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery are particularly at risk if following restrictive diets. ”They [diets] eliminate essential food groups, so you’re eliminating good quality protein sources. It can exacerbate or accelerate malnutrition in a group already at risk of malnutrition. If someone’s losing weight, it can have a big impact on their tolerance and even their ability to get through the treatment.”

Dr Hordern has received many calls from relatives of cancer sufferers who have followed unorthodox diets with tragic results. ”I remember a man whose wife had recently died from very advanced breast cancer. He said to me with absolute agony and desperation in his voice, ‘My wife was so sure that this wonder treatment was going to work.’ It was a really extreme, alternative therapy with coffee enemas and a cleansing detoxifying diet recommended by a naturopath. In the end she was so wasted, had lost so much weight and he was really angry. He felt that he had been robbed of the last month of her life.”

Ruth Gawler, (who co- authored the fact-flawed 2008 MJA article – my insert) supports cancer patients through the foundation she runs with husband Ian – author of bestseller You Can Conquer Cancer – insists they never use the word ”cure”, preferring ”heal” in relation to the no-salt, no-sugar, plant-based vegan diet provided in conjunction with meditation and ”mind training” at their $3000, 11-day residential retreats. Dr Gawler says countless patients have had ”spontaneous remissions” after undergoing their programs, which have a two-month waiting list. She believes the rise in demand – 1000 people are treated each year, a 50 per cent increase in two years – is proof of a growing dissatisfaction with the perceived limits of orthodox medicine.

Dr Ian Haines, medical oncologist at Cabrini Health, is open to his patients making changes to their diet if they are not too extreme, and says it can provide a placebo effect. He says confusion about what to eat is a big problem: ”Once someone gets diagnosed with cancer they get six or 10 different books on curing cancer from all variety of sources, so they’re absolutely flooded with mixed messages. There is no magic solution out there, moderation is probably the best answer we have in 2010.”

I’ll remind viewers we practice an integrative approach and have a healthy respect for some proven natural or herbal remedies. But the horror alternative med stories in the news below are reminders to follow a proven and ‘balanced’ approach to cancer treatment.

NB: As our example above shows we are also concerned that many ‘integrated GPs’ may be not have a deep enough understanding of cancer and promote unprove/disproven alt/med therapies.

Patients signed non-sue pacts

Cancer Sufferers Poisoned

Cancer patient smelled of spices

Homeopath in Court

Incompetent care led to Dingle’s death

By Pip Cornall – As a new director of a cancer solutions centre I’m concerned for cancer patients led away from mainstream by high profile alternative cancer cure claims that are inaccurate. The following extract is by Grace Gawler  and the full article can be read on her blog

The fact that Ian Gawler survived his wrangle with osteogenic sarcoma (bone cancer) is highly significant, however when a cancer suvivor becomes famous for just that – surviving, there are public responsibilities inherent in the role. One of them is accuracy about the story, time-lines and incidents crucial to their survival. A high profile patient must be transparent with the details, medical history, photographic and radiographic evidence and needs to be answerable to the public and the medical community – especially if obvious flaws are brought to their attention. These “flaws” were made very obvious in an article about the patient under the banner of “True Stories” – a 2008 Australian Medical Journal (MJA) article. Medical journal articles give enormous credibility to ‘alternate cancer cure claims’ and are supposedly peer reviewed and accurate. – Read more – see photo evidence

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