Posted by: malechallengemedia | April 17, 2010

Peace Journalism – Johan Galtung

Great male role models

Male challenge challenges older  males to evolve consciously and then help young males along their path to conscious manhood.

In my work with the Internationale Department of Peace Initiatives I’ve had the honour to attend training with one of Johan Galtung’s protege, Kai Brand Jacobsen.

Impressed by what I learned I’ve studied Johan’s work and we have emailed on several occasions. In 2007, while at Washington DC trying to launch the peace bill in the senate and congress I handed Dem house speaker, Nancy Pelosi a letter asking that she communicate with Johan as adviser for US peace and conflict resolutions policy. Johan had indicated to me that he was willing.

Johan Galtung is regarded by many as a father of modern peace studies.

I’ll be trying to get Obama to do the same.

So I post Johan’s video and hope you learn about a new field – peace journalism- this can then be conveyed to younger males. I look forward to meeting Johan and regard him as a great elder role model for males.

Let’s achieve Peace by Peaceful Means as Johan says!


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