Posted by: malechallengemedia | April 11, 2010

Male Challenge Shadowplay with Michael Leunig

Exploring the male shadow is essential work. Time and again I’ve seen groups who worked for peace, all motivated and with good intentions, torn apart by the ‘disowned’ shadows that have been brought, unsuspectingly to the group.

In juvenile prisons and my work with men, I’ve stated that under the ‘masks’ of macho or bravado that most males wore, was a frightened and insecure little chap with terribly low self esteem. These are the parts we don’t want to own. Ironically exploring or going into our ‘shadowy’ parts can put us in touch with an authentic self. That is one entrance into male shadow play.

If we can accept that we have a ‘hairy monster’ lurking in our inner depths as Men’s leader, Robert Bly suggests, then we are on the path to retrieving our inner angel – a being of unlimited love and acceptance. We can also free up lots of energy and become truly alive.

The Leunig cartoon says it eloquently in the following clip…


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