Posted by: malechallengemedia | April 11, 2010

Male Challenge Shadowplay – How men can ‘Get a Life’

Good ole Aussi cartoonist, Michael Leunig, has done it again. Actually much more than a cartoonist he is a master large group therapist inviting us to accept all that we are – including the ‘dark’ and scary bits of our life.

Our hero feels like a bit of a ‘loser’ and the seemingly self confident macho Aussi male tells him to ‘get a life.’ It’s a cruel taunt that many of us have been subjected to.

Actually, in my work with males in Juvenile prisons and other settings, we commonly witness that the seemingly confident  ‘macho males’ are not as ‘solid’ as they seem once the ‘masks’ are taken off.

That of course is one place the real man is found – under the masks many wear.


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