Posted by: malechallengemedia | April 10, 2010

ShadowPlay – Exploring the Male Shadow with Michael Leunig

I’ve never met Australia cartoonist Michael Leunig but I feel he knows me very well – I feel he knows men very well – especially the shadow side of men which is rarely spoken of but urgently must be explored.

So to honour Michael and his contribution to male shadow play I’ll be posting some of his videos in my future blogs.

The smell of doom and gloom

The following is one of his many poems – aptly describing me (and many men I know) on my/our darker days. I’ve not known many women who were like this.

I wonder why?

When I awoke this morning exhausted from my rest a demon dark and terrible was sitting on my chest.

He pinned me to the mattress and seized me by the head he pressed his knees against my heart and overturned the bed.

He dragged me to the mirror and showed me my disgrace then took a razor in his claw and dragged it down my face.

Some faded rags he bound around my shoulders and my hips and poured a cup of steaming muck between my faded lips.

And then he took those wilted lips and in his evil style he paralysed the corners up into a pleasant smile.

A masterpiece in wickedness this last sadistic joke he sends me out into the world a smiling sort of bloke.


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