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A recipe for Success – Acknowledgment of Grace Gawler’s Life of Selfless Service

As part of my goal to model good male behaviour, I’d like to do a post about my partner, Grace Gawler, world pioneer of supportive care medicine for cancer patients.

Grace has lived a big life of service and yet remains, at 56, a natural beauty both inside and out.

I’ve never been the recipient of such love from any woman nor have her cancer patients, numbering over 13,000 by now.

Grace & Pip before Grace's Keynote address to Olivia Newton John and ASPA

Please be sure to view her moving video at the bottom of the post and later go to YouTube to see her remaining 9 videos – including faith healers in the Philippines and more.

A life lived with Grace and integrity – a recipe for excellence – how to create a cancer recovery expert – by Pip Cornall
This is a recipe for cooking up a world pioneer in supportive care medicine for cancer patients, you’ll replicate an amazing healer – one who has helped and continues to help thousands of people find hope and thrive their way through the cancer journey. It is a rich and amazing recipe ……I hope you read on.
The recipe:
Take a beautiful young veterinary nurse and part time model preparing to study vet science at university, put that career on hold to marry a one legged dying man, add in numerous trips to the Philippines with that same dying and cancer riddled husband, blend in years of special training by Filipino healers, stir in some trips to holy men in India and sacred sites in Europe.

Now fry up on low heat a distinction level in naturopathy and herbal medicine and a deepening relationship with Australian alternative herbal medicine legend and pioneer, Dorothy Hall, toss in studies of anatomy, physiology, pathology, chemistry and biology,  simmer a long dose of training with the doyen of US body psychotherapy, Dr Ilana Rubenfeld, cook at low heat and combine a dash of the experience gleaned from working intensively with over 13,000 cancer patients, in many corners of the globe, sauté with ginger the breathtaking speeches to therapists, doctors, nurses, oncologists and scientists.

Blend in – stirring carefully –  22 years caring for that same once dying husband, keeping him cancer free, sprinkle in the raising of 4 fine kids – all adults now, (that equals lots of carrying kids, and shopping and farm tools, when the one legged husband has two hands on his crutches) cook this life up for 35 years, stir in an impeccable memory, a super IQ, a steadfast will,  3 books including a best selling book, still ahead of its time and her astounding memoirs which describe in details those remarkable 35 years.

Finally shake it all up with a personal triumph over a surgically induced life threatening condition, 13 years of medical adversity including 20 surgeries, add all the ingredients I’ve forgotten (because I’m a mere man) and more.

Congratulations – You have just cooked up a world leader in cancer recovery, cancer prevention, wellness and longevity….and what a dish she is.

Seriously, I’ve long puzzled over the brilliance and efficacy of Grace’s work – her success with cancer patients, her wonderful books and her leadership in wellness and longevity, her ability to hold diverse audiences spellbound – I’ve searched to find the reasons why her results are so good. The more I researched her remarkable life, the more I understood that unless all the ingredients are present the recipe is lacking.

In other words, Grace draws upon ALL the components in the recipe each time she helps a patient recover – each time she makes a keynote speech in Asia, Australia or Europe; in other words you would have to live that remarkable life of hers to bring all those gifts to the healing table.

As Grace’s lucky, lucky, lucky partner I’m continually amazed by her scope and skill. I get to read the emails of gratitude and I hear the comments people make, I watch the crowds listen spellbound in her keynote addresses, I witness the families she helps for free who cannot pay.

From what I’ve seen, if I got cancer or wanted to avoid it – if I wanted to develop and maintain best health for the rest of my life I’d employ Grace as my life wellness coach. Then I’d follow what she said, sit back, relax and enjoy life knowing my wellness was in the best possible hands.

What’s more – if Grace were a man she’d be knighted by now!


On YouTube see Grace Gawler’s 10 posts

Her memoirs –


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