Posted by: malechallengemedia | January 21, 2011

eBooks – Helping Boys Become Fantastic Men

A Modern Technology for Mentoring and Coaching

In the 90’s psychologist, Steve Biddulph wrote Manhood. The best seller book raised awareness of masculinity issues, helped many men make positive changes and was soon followed by Raising Boys and other books to help parents raise their children…

In the ‘noughties,’ the discussion about boys, men and masculinity was further boosted by  New Zealander Celia Lashlie in her book ‘He’ll be Ok: Growing Gorgeous Boys into Good Men.

Sustainable Masculinity eBook

It’s 2011—the cyber-age. Consistent with his goals to promote healthier forms of masculinity and recognising the power of the internet to impact social change, author Pip Cornall, a former PE teacher and juvenile justice mediator in Australia and the USA, has released two new eBooks. The eBooks are literally  brimming with animations, videos, websites, films and online resources all designed for adults who want to help boys become fantastic men.

Keith Austin, a sports writer for the Sydney Morning Herald, in 2007,  wrote of Pip’s earlier paperbacks – ‘In common with Steve Biddulph, Cornall believes it is time to change the overly macho face of Australian masculinity.

Using the power of animation, video, film and web resources, Cornall’s eBooks, at about a third the price of a paperback, can be extremely useful tools for parents, grandparents, teacher coaches and community workers across Australia.

1. Sustainable Masculinity

A Toolkit for Men, Women and Grandparents – Helping Boys Grow into Fantastic Men

2. Kicking a Goal for Masculinity

A Toolkit for Coaches, Teachers, Mentors, Parents/Grandparents for Helping Boys who love Sport Grow into Fantastic Men…

The eBook has a sporting focus and encourages sporting communities to use sport  as a platform not just for winning but for teaching character qualities that help boys become the men our communities are demanding.

The eBooks can be downloaded online for only $4.99. Please spread the word. In the digital age viral promotion through your email contacts can become a force which can reduce male violence and help boys become great men – your assistance assist large scale social change

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