Posted by: malechallengemedia | June 19, 2010

Racism Tackled in Australian Football Codes – Can Sexism also be Defeated?

Finally the players themselves are making a stand about racist comments in Australia football codes, especially AFL and NRL. Heads have rolled and people have been sacked. Great!

Victims of racial vilification have had enough and so they should. I support their stand. This is also a great opportunity to address sexism in sport.

The male players feeling the pain of racist slurs now understand how women  demeaned by men have felt for years.

What about it guys? Racism is prehistoric and so is sexism. Can we put the same enthusiasm into stopping calling our football mates when they egage in sexism?

I sincerely hope so – that is how humanity evolves.  See my blog – Why I wrote ‘Kicking a Goal for Masculinity’

See also the links to …. (below)

Andrew Johns quits NSW over Inglis racial slur

NSW’s State of Origin II preparations are in crisis after assistant coach Andrew Johns stood down, admitting he made a racial slur against Queensland superstar Greg Inglis.

Racism fight ongoing: Goodes

SYDNEY Swans co-captain Adam Goodes says AFL players need to continue their fight to stamp out racism from all levels of the game and sport in general.

But rather than condemn those responsible for such slurs, he said it was more important to educate the people involved.


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