Posted by: malechallengemedia | April 5, 2010

Pip Cornall’s Male Challenge Resources: Featuring Michael Flood on Involving Men in Efforts to End Violence Against Women

Michael Flood – ANU –

Efforts to end violence against women must address men. This notion is increasingly accepted in violence prevention circles. More generally, there is growing international support for the belief that we must involve men in efforts to build gender equality.

The growing emphasis on the need to address men in ending violence against women is fuelled by three key insights. First and most importantly, violence prevention must address men because largely it is men who perpetrate this violence.

Second, constructions of masculinity play a crucial role in shaping violence against women: at the individual level, in families and relationships, in communities, and societies as a whole.

These first two insights boil down to the point that we have no choice but to address men and masculinities if we want to stop violence against women. However, violence prevention work with men has been fuelled also by a third and more hopeful insight: that men have a positive role to play in helping to stop violence against women. Violence is an issue of concern to women and men alike and men have a stake in ending violence against women.

the full article is available as a PDF click below


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