Posted by: malechallengemedia | April 5, 2010

Pip Cornall Manhood Resources: Oprah and Eckhart Tolle Any hints for males seeking change?

My website male challenge, challenges male shte world over, (including myself) to lift our game and play our role in creating a safer, saner and sustainable planet.

In htis light I recently watched one of the Tolle series on Oprah. Some years ago I read his book “The Power of Now” and found it inspirational and useful in some ways. However during a Google search, I was appalled to come across, dozens of Christian fundamentalist sites, even short movies, worried about Oprah’s influence, suggesting her Tolle series was the work of the antichrist – that she was the world’s most dangerous woman!  This seems extreme! What do you think?

In the meantime I’m going to watch the entire series to see if what gems might apply to my work in male challenge and sustainable masculinity. Tolle claims new understandings are esposed in his latest book, “A New Earth.”

His popularity seems to stem from his ability to promote eastern spiritual teachings and couch them in language palatable to westerners.

While the concepts and teachings are not new, I often glean new findings when I listen to any modern spiritual teacher who promotes ancient wisdoms couched in language I can relate to.  My job then is to see how it applies to males in the west.  For example—can this knowledge help a young gang kid who appears to love violence and living on the edge?

I’ll let you know – meantime I’d like to hear your comments.


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