Posted by: malechallengemedia | April 5, 2010

Pip Cornall on Kevin Rudd’s 2020 (Lest we forget)

A recent poll in the Australian revealed high levels of scepticism over the efficacy and sincerity of 2020. Were the 1000 community members truly representative? I don’t know but I’d like to find out.

Currently I have no way of assessing the summit other than to say that it must be given a chance. No government has ever tried this before, and, since we, the people, were invited to give input, its success may depend on us as much as the Prime Minister. I note that India is about to organise a similar event. Hopefully these are signs of governments becoming more conscious.

Having recently been involved in the at the local 2020 meeting organised by Justine Elliot and staff, in the seat of Richmond, I for one, intend to keep the momentum. Frankly I’d rather be surfing but I believe we have no choice ! We all need to do our bit. Our survival, along with that of all the innocent species that don’t have a voice, depends on us doing things differently.

One thing is certian – we (humans) need to become smarter and more conscious—fast. We need to become a new breed of people with radical integrity, who have a broad and holistic mindset—broad enough to tackle and solve the tsunami that builds as we speak. To do this collectively we need to work on ourselves and clean up our inner backyards. Our leaders need to be wiser and more integrous than ever before.

One man who understands the seriousness of the looming tsunami but one who also proposes solutions is Lester Brown, author of “Plan B 3.0.”

Lester shows us how we can change in enough time to save life on earth, as we know it. Enjoy!


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