Posted by: malechallengemedia | April 5, 2010

Pip Cornall on Sustainability: The new male paradigm – We’re smart enough to shed the old male programming

Since my reunion with Grace Gawler, I’ve been involved in her cancer healing practice.

I observe a similarity between cancer and the old male paradigm which is not sustainable. Like cancer it eventually destroys the host that it needs for its own survival– that’s really dumb.

So I keep finding ways to get the message across.

It’s time to get real – very real. We’re all in the same boat and from many perspectives, its sinking fast. That’s both good news and bad news. The bad news is obvious; it’s an awesome planet with snow and surf and music and wonderful creatures along with some great people and a bunch more who are asleep – we are gunna lose all that without major changes.

The good news is a little more obscure -it’s about opportunity. That’s right; the current global crisis is another choice point or opportunity for our human family to grow wise.

Since it’s my passion to empower men to save themselves and maybe save the planet along the way, we men need to keep looking at our male programming. I said it above. It is time to get “real” – that’s right it’s time to become real, “real men”- to become authentic and that takes courage and inegrity.

We can’t save the planet without those qualities. Life is wonderfully precious, we are meant to be fit, find love, feel good, contribute, be creative. We were not given a life to end up violent, killed, binge drinking, drugged dumb, suicided or in prison – yet that is what many of our young men do.

Damn, I’m angry about that! Most of the boys and men I’ve met in prisons or juvenile detention centres are not bad guys – they just made stupid stupid stupid choices backed by powerful and awfully Neanderthal programming – the -’ be a man’ programming.

There are so many healthy ways to be happy and have wonderful and fullfilling lives that it is just plain dumb that so much of the male programing aims at turning us into violent alcoholic morons. Add some porn addictions or sexual weirdness into that mix as well.

So lets us men tap into the wisdom we all have inside us. Yep even some of our sporting heroes, guys like Tiger Woods, Wayne Carey, Ben Cousins, Sam Newman and poor ole Nick D’Arcy, have a chance to become wise men and lead our brothers towards our greatest brave act – saving ourselves as we save the planet. Yep the two go together.

One good leader can’t do it if the masses beneath him/her are stuck in their Neanderthal male – that is why I’m always encouraging the male half of the masses to wake up – do our growth work. There is a lot at stake but in the meantime you/we will be happier, healthier and feel better about ourselves – our souls will rejoice!


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