Posted by: malechallengemedia | April 4, 2010

Join with Pip Cornall and millions of men working for world peace and environmental sustainability.

What is involved? – Get off our butts! We have to do our inner work! When men are in touch with their nurturant nature – they are safer to be around and do little harm.

New Type of Male Courage – These critical times require a new type of masculinity – men prepared to clean up their inner back yards. A new type of courage is required – heart based courage. This is the greatest courage of all. Is this challenge big enough for us?

Peace is Possible – As more men work on themselves and embrace healthy male norms- we move closer to a positive future for humanity – a partnership future. Moving from macho or dominator man to partnership man requires intelligence, a big heart and courage.

Retaining the Strong Male – By partnership I’m not talking about becoming a sensitive new age guy. Sensitive yes, but retaining some, and using appropriately, those wonderful wild and strong male parts is necessary for the task ahead.

Starting Today – Why wait? I encourage you to become become proactive today. You can choose to evolve consciously; honouring women, honouring all humans, all life, and the planet. To do that we men need very clean energy and well developed emotional

Limbic Brain – It is nobody’s fault but the limbic brain is not very developed in many men. This middle brain section is where our emotional intelligence and our purpose in – it is not anything to do with intellectual intelligence. (Hitler, Stalin were very intelligent)

Benefits – When we grow the limbic part of the brain we gain meaning, happiness and we’re safer and more pleasant to be around. And it must work in partnership with the frontal brain (intelligence)

Exceptional Leaders Wanted – We live in critical times our scientists tell us. Exceptional business and government leadership is needed to deal with the looming problems. Such leaders must be holistically intelligent (limbic or emotional intelligence)

Conscious Evolution – With today’s formidable nuclear, technological, and biological power in our hands, we cannot continue to evolve randomly; we must learn to co-create in alignment with nature’s intelligence. Because men still hold the power – we need men to evolve consciously.

Evolutionary Drivers – Challenges such as global warming, increased terrorism and the increasing gap between rich and poor can be ‘evolutionary drivers’ which can jump drive our evolutionary process.

Working with, not against Nature – The good news is that nature wants us to evolve – each of us is the result of 15 billion years of R & D – each of us is unique – how are we going to use our specialness?

Your Innate Potential – In several billion years we’ve come from simple amoeba to a species with consciousness – it took a lot of intelligence to bring us to this point in history – we must now act consciously – that is possible – because nature’s intelligence is inside us!

Optimism – Surprisingly, given the seriousness of the current world crises, I am an optimist. In the course of my peace and environmental work, I am privileged to rub shoulders with some of the most inspiring people alive on this beautiful place we call earth.

Though some of the facts I present on this site appear gloomy, the good news is that the solutions are available. And… as we clean up the messes we have all contributed to … we gain our true natures..our innate potential, the power and joy within. This is because in order to save the planet we must transcend our ‘small mind and heart’ and develop a vision of a world that works for everyone – this is possible as we each do our inner work while engaged in the peace or environmental work of our passion.


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