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Pip Cornall – Examining Current Crises facing Humanity – Finding Solutions

Some of the major crises of our times are:
We have just witnessed the most violent century in human history (200 million dead from war – mostly women and children) Today much of the world is on alert, poised to react or retaliate with weapons of mass destruction. Global terrorism in its multiple forms is a regular occurrence. Domestic violence and sexual assault is rampant in many countries including modern democracies.

Climate Change
We are experiencing dramatic climatic changes caused by global warming. As resouces such as food, water and even clean air diminish, more conflicts will arise.

Destruction of Nature
Nature is not something that is separate from us – it is an extension of ourselves – the trees which make oxygen are an extension of our lungs. Fred Matser often says, “The chaos in the environment is a reflection of the disorder in our minds and hearts –our invironment.” As we heal ourselves we heal nature!

Economic Inequity
Billions of people are hungry and without access to clean water. The gap between rich and poor is growing exponentially. In our times, 100 -125,000 people die daily from poverty related causes – this new trend corresponds to the widening of globalisation about two decades ago. Our current model needs to be modified so that it serves the majority. (If continued at its current rate it would represent about 1.7 billion over the century)

Johan Galtung, UN mediator and one of the world’s leading peace scholars, describes misogyny as a major world problem. I would agree! Misogyny, mistrust or hatred against women, shows up as in many forms from female infantacide, rape, domestic violence, unequal pay, sex slavery, deaths from wars, (women and children are becoming the prime victims of wars) structural and cultural violence.

The reasons for misogyny are multifactorial but linked to male socialization; it is suggested the deep seated attitude is so ancient it is even in our DNA – requiring specific actions to shift it. I believe it must be tackled compassionately and with courage. Misogyny is regarded as major cause of global violence.

In building respect for women it is worth reflecting on the fact that most humans spent their first nine months in a woman’s body.

Understanding and modifying our Systems of Governance and Commerce

The Dominator Model

The mix of the domination model and high technology — the nuclear, biological, and chemical technologies that threaten us and our natural habitat with irremediable harm — dominator systems are not sustainable in the long term. We are too intelligent to consider past “solutions” as options.

The economic, political, and legal sytems that have given us great wealth and technological advances have had benefits. However now they have reached their limits and the results are planet threatening; especially climate change, massive global poverty and increasing terrorism.

The Partnership Model
This model allows for the collaboration and cooperation of all humans. Partnership principles can be extended to include all life forms and biosystems – recognising that we can’t ‘dominate’ nature.

Benefits gained – as we develop our feeling function (limbic brain)
The systems men designed arose from a reductionist worldview. No blame here. Although it appears that the results were successful, we now have people who are successful in business or government, but who struggle with being successful human beings. This arises from wounded feeling functions; perhaps the key issue to be addressed in men today.

Men gain enormously as we heal that wound. A healthy feeling function gives us our sense of purpose, our values, joy and our meaning in life. The healed feeling function in men knows the true value of serving the greater good – beyond egoic behaviours which are predominantly self-serving.

Wider Benefits
Typically men who engage in this healing report that they have found themselves. These men would not, indeed could not, return to the old values and behaviours. Naturally as men benefit so do their children, their partners and their communities. .

No blame
Rather than blaming men, we can view this as a systems flaw. The new paradigm transforms the reductionist (dominator) worldview into an holistic frame (partnership).

As the author of this site I acknowledge the numerous positive contributions men and certain ‘masculinities’ have made to the world. I am passionate that men in partnership with women can meet the current and future challenges we face.

Owning My Past
I’m not proud that in my past, acting from a limited feeling function and narrow world view, I have hurt many of those I’ve loved. I have worked hard to make amends and grow my consciousness so that I might do less harm in the future. I mention this because the world needs leaders who walk their talk. I am not ‘spotless’ but strive to work with my shadow and heal my life.
The Challenge
The work is for large numbers of us to start healing our feeling function while simultaneously engaged in our respective peace efforts. Angry wounded healers do not bring sustainable peaceful solutions to the world.

Peace by peaceful means
The shadow of wounded peace workers will always destroy attempts to create more equitable systems. We have witnessed that in all the ‘revolutions’ – what is required is a collective ‘evolution’ occurring in a critical mass of people – those devoted to raising planetary awareness. This is the role that men can play, and I would say must play, if we are to collectively survive.

Partners in Peace
I have joined my work efforts with Grace Gawler to provide a balanced male/female leadership training team. We are working to raise consciousness in men and women throughout Australia and worldwide.



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