Posted by: malechallengemedia | April 5, 2010

Steve Biddulph’s book “Manhood” published in the 90’s was inspiration for Pip Cornall and Keith Austin

When Sydney Morning Herald journalist, Keith Austin interviewed Pip Cornall for the article which in Spectrum Magazine in the SMH, (see front page) they both discovered they had been positively influenced by Steve Biddulph’s book, “Manhood” written around 1994. Keith told Pip that after reading Steve’s book he made some changes in the way he lived his life including spending more time with his son.

Following in the spirit of Steve’s Manhood book, Kicking a Goal for Masculinity, is aimed at the sporting community who are invited to develop and promote a healthy form of masculinity for boys and young men. Since sport plays a huge role in shaping masculinity for many boys and young men – it is the ideal vehicle through which to educate and encourage sportsmen to adopt positive masculine behaviours and ideologies.

Sporting identities, along with coaches, officials, players and spectators -by  supporting wholesome masculine norms, can  play a prominent role in reducing sexism, violence against women, youth violence and dependency on alcohol and drugs.

It’s a win/win Keith and Pip agree. The mums, dads, the players, officals, the sponsors of clubs, the whole community, stand to benefit. If Kicking a Goal for Masculinity prevents just one rape or incident of domestic violence, if it helps young men stay away from drugs and alcohol, it is worth it.

But the book and the movement it inspires, just like Steve Biddulph’s book, it can be more impactful than helping one or two individuals. With a concerted effort by the sporting community, macho men, the sport alcohol link, sexism and violence against women may be a thing of the past as they are in some countries.


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